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mSpy: Salient features demystified

You need to monitor your youngster’s mobile usage to prevent anything offensive. You may also be looking to keep an eye on your partner whom you suspect is crossing boundaries. Your best approach in such requirements is to monitor their mobile devices like cell phones or tablets.

Your best friend for the endeavor would be mspy, but how does mspy work? This tool is an industry-leader and stands apart for its diverse set of features. mspy would be unequaled as the best cell phone tracker.

With a reference from Whitedust’s mspy reviews, we bring you some of the features that make mspy indispensable. The tool offers many features that you may find directly not applicable. With this highlight, you can focus straight on trending aspects of the tool.

Trending features of mspy to be aware of

1. You can block unwanted calls on the monitored device

If you suspect that your child is being troubled through unwanted calls, you can go ahead and block the caller. You have to exercise some caution as not to let the other party know you have mspy running on their device. The extent of such restrictions are only limited by your imagination, choose wisely to filter calls.

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2. Be in control of the monitored device’s location

Another singular feature of mSpy is to be a master of the device’s location. You can span the uses of this feature to locate a device in case you misplace it or track your partner. The only requirement is that the monitored device must be online; there is no exception to this. Get real-time information on the device’s current location and keep your worries at bay.

The other related feature is geo-fencing. This implies setting boundaries where the monitored device should not venture into. mspy gives you significant leverage to be notified if some entry into unwanted zones has occurred.

3. Track messages including those from messaging applications

Do not be alarmed that your monitored device would outwit you by only using messages to communicate. Be a step ahead with mspy because you can not only track messages, you can do so for messaging apps also. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger are well covered and never can your child or partner stray away from your sharp eyes.

4. Avail a great control panel

The best part of any great software experience is a good dashboard. mSpy delivers on this by providing an excellent control panel. Your control panel is the one-stop-destination to be in full control of all the happenings on the monitored device.

All the features of mspy perhaps boil down to inform on the control panel. It would be surely a plus to get well accustomed to the nitty-gritty of the control panel and not be restrained by any limitations. You can even export monitored data into external files.

5. Track multiple devices

mspy is not handicapped to let you monitor only a single device. mSpy gives you the privilege to observe multiple devices, but you must purchase appropriate subscriptions. As you can imagine, the result of this feature is truly far-fetched. You can not only track your spouse, for example, but even keep a watch on your employee whom you feel may be taking the wrong steps.

6. Be in charge to know all internet activity

And last but not the least highlight of mspy would be the ability to track internet usage. If you suspect the monitored device is slipping using the required WiFi and connecting to other hotspots, this can quickly be revealed. To add to the featured candy is the ability to know browsing history including being aware of which websites were marked for bookmarks.

mSpy generally provides all information backed by a timestamp. If you feel a website is offensive for your child, you can even block the access or filter the content.

NY Times shared an article talking about how mSpy and other such apps are empowering stalkers in tracking loved ones.


While the feature coverage in this article is on salient aspects, be well aware that mspy provides a whole suite of options. The intent of this discussion is to equip you the fundamentals and drive you to explore more. This is the ideal approach to leverage mSpy. Another point is that you must be up-to-date on mspy reviews and keep yourself abreast.

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