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Technology-Based Assessments: 10 Unique Facts Students Should Know to Succeed in Their Study Process

Assessments are there to measure the students’ knowledge while developing more skills. Technology is part of our everyday lives and there is no way we can eliminate it completely. Instead, we can use it to improve our lives. If you are working on a nursing capstone, you can find so much information on this topic. This is using technology for a positive cause. Being distracted on social media when you should be studying is one of the negatives.

We have to move with the times and use these new developments to benefit students. Many students are simply trying to balance their many tasks. If we can reduce the amount of tasks they do by including technology, then everyone wins. There are many educational websites for students, but knowing which ones are credible resources is the challenge. It is also up to teachers and parents to select and advise on which assessments are going to benefit the student. If you are a student who wants to succeed in your studies, these are some useful tips.

Stay calm

One of the first things students do when they have a task ahead is to start stressing. It’s a natural human reaction. The truth is, if you are so worked up during your studies, nothing registers in your brain. Find ways to calm yourself down. Meditate, go for a short walk or simply veg out for a few minutes. Working yourself up about something that has not happened yet is not going to help.

Organize your life

When you are unorganized, it is easy to become overwhelmed. In the midst of a study session, you should have all of your stationery and notes available. Searching for a pen can become a good reason to procrastinate. Make sure your study space is organized as well. It should be a peaceful zone where you can actually get work done. Anything too rowdy will only cause distractions.


Before you start anything, always check your confidence levels. If you are feeling a little low, do something to give you a boost. We all go through periods where we doubt our own abilities. If this is you, do something that you know you are good at. If you are working on your nursing capstone paper start by simply educating yourself first. Once you feel a boost in confidence, move up to your important studies again. If you believe that you can do something, it becomes easier to manage.

Get some rest

You need to approach a study session with a clear mind and a rested body. If you did not get enough sleep the previous night, take a quick 20 minutes nap. This will reenergize you again. Just as it is with stressing, when you are tired, your brain does not want to take in any information. Many students stay up till morning hours and try to survive on as little sleep as possible. It’s definitely not advised if you want to do well in your assessments.

Get the facts

Know what is expected of you before you waste time studying unimportant facts. Ask your teacher for a list of what you need to study. This way you can focus on what will be in the test. Sometimes you have to go beyond what is on paper, but that will only help you understand all of the concepts better.

Balanced lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle is more than just eating healthy and getting some exercise. It’s about giving equal parts of yourself to various tasks. You need to rest in order for you to perform at school. Spending time with family and friends should not be compromised. Finding your balance is going to help you be happier and do better at school.


Technology based assessments are usually in the form of a quiz. There are many websites offering quizzes for students. Find one with the subject matter you are studying. This will help prepare you for the process of taking a technology based assessment and you might even pick up a few tips. If you are working on a nursing portfolio you can also do a few quizzes on your topic idea. It gives you a lot more insight into the topic.

Eliminate distractions

We have a lot more distractions these days with mobile phones always in our hands. It is important to eliminate these distractions when you are ready to study. There are even apps to help you turn off your social media accounts when you are busy.

Create a schedule

When you have a lot of content to work through, you need to create a doable schedule. The trick is to stick with the schedule you create. Be realistic about how much time you have available. Now slot in certain study sessions in those time slots. If you happened to miss a study session, you will have to fit it in around your other scheduled items. This is frustrating and thus motivates you to stick to the plan.

Let it be

There comes a time just before the assessment when students start running around trying to cram more information into their brains. If you have done as much as humanly possible, you have to let it be. Just accept that you know what you studied and rest the night before. Trying to cram the night before can have detrimental effects. You don’t want to end up with a brain that is so stuffed that nothing comes to the surface.

Final thoughts on preparing for a technology-based assessment

There is not much of a difference between a technology-based assessment and a regular assessment. The work stays the same and only the medium of taking the assessment changes. You still have to study just as hard and be focus and rested on the day of the assessment. Stick to your study habits that have proven to be successful and don’t overthink the process.

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