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Quiz Pursuit Review: A Quiz app that will seriously your put your knowledge to the test

Let me first start by saying that, I find quiz apps a bit repetitive. Most of them are mere micro-transaction funnels and very little thought is put to make the game compelling for long term playability. This is evident by the quiz questions, that are mostly repetitive across levels and in some instances, even copied forward. This is why I often find myself in a cycle of installing a quiz app, playing it for a few minutes and then forgetting about it altogether.

Despite my personal opinion, you can find a plethora of quiz apps on both iOS and Google Playstore, hinting that they are really popular with the crowds. They are awesome for the average joe who wants to kill some time and at the same time, brush up on their general knowledge. At the same time, we now reach a point where my opinion is of very little value in the bigger scale of things but where my prejudices are demolished nonetheless because of a little gem of a game that is called quiz pursuit.

How’s Quiz Pursuit different?

Well first off, the basis for any good quiz game should be measured by 3 qualities:

  1. In-Game content
  2. Game modes
  3. App presentation

So let’s dig-in:

    1. In-Game content: Now I’ll admit that all humans don’t share the same level of intellect but I do consider myself to be above average when it comes to basic General Knowledge. But this game has a way of making you completely scratch your head with the questions that it presents. Part of this could be attributed to its massive library of 25 million+ questions that the people behind the app claim to have. I never once encountered a repeated question in all my playtime, which cannot be said for a lot of quiz apps out there. The quality and relevance of questions from each category is also well thought out and overall it is a pleasure to use on the basis of the in-game content alone.
    2. Game Modes: It has a total of 3 game modes. The first of them is Free-Play mode, in which you can either test yourself with a set of random questions from each category or all categories at once in random. The second being a level feature, which presents you with a list of categories/topics that you can then challenge yourself with. The Third being a challenge feature, in which you can wager nuggets (in-game rewards for playing) with other players that you have added as your social contacts in the game.
      The question now being, are they any good?
      For the most part, yes; the challenges works as advertised and the in-game social feature is nice addition. However, I do wish that the multiplayer was more engaging somehow, with features like live 1vs1 battle or a rapid-fire battle with multiple players. Overall, this area needs some improvement.
    3. App Presentation: At first glance, the app seems very bland with uninteresting graphics and menu layouts. But it doesn’t really take much time for the user to get acquainted with the UI, after a bit of digging. The biggest drawback however is the App design itself, which looks very generic and the color palette is also a far cry from the slick Material design layouts that a lot of apps are starting to follow. The menu loading times are also slow, with a physical “Loading” screen appearing when shuffling between different menus. Overall tough, this area needs a lot of work to make it more “Appealing”. Given the nature of this application, some UI reference can also be taken from maintenance management systems and related software as a service (SaaS) packages. This includes cloud based CMMS software which has a more streamlined and usable interface.

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • You get 5 nuggets for a daily login, which is nice gesture.
  • The social features are a decent addition, although a bit unnecessary and as mentioned earlier, a bit off-putting for some.
  • It has a universal leaderboard that keeps track of your scores in each category.
  • It also has a notification panel for messages and reward information, which is good keeps everything organized.

So what set’s it apart and what breaks it?

The app excels in a few areas and is held back severely in some other. Here are a few pros and cons to reflect it:


  1. Unique content and uncommon questions
  2. Daily rewards in the form of nuggets
  3. Despite the rather bland UI design, the UI itself is relatively easy to use.
  4. Quizzes can be taken by category.
  5. Contains ads, but they are non-intrusive for the most part.


  1. The UI experience within the app isn’t great.
  2. Requires constant internet to function.
  3. The apps social hub is rather pointless, if like me you don’t like the idea creating accounts to play a game.
  4. The menu’s can be better sorted out and faster response times needs to be improved.

Final words:

Quiz pursuit is a decent quiz app for the average individual. However, it could be better, considering the content which is remarkably the best I’ve come across. The sign-in is a bummer and although it could’ve been done locally, it requires you to sign in with either email or social accounts, which could be potentially off putting for some. The menu design is underwhelming at best and doesn’t have that game-vibe that other competing apps are known to feature.

Overall though, it is a very decent app for learning and enjoying some tense moments when your knowledge of the world betrays you. The content of the app makes a very solid case for itself in this regard.

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