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Ways of Universal Parcel Tracking

Global Tracking of a Shipment

In the present-day world where Internet-based marketing prevails, It is a common place experience to go for most competitive buying where one gets a concessional price for buying most of the commodities.

Advantage: One can see different types of stuff of a commodity: e.g. how many types of vacuum cleaners are available for a range of operation and what is the price range, one can get a relative comparison review and also a delivery at home. A reputed supplier may also provide a refund, in case of a defective supply. This is a progressively advantageous proposition as it is increasingly difficult for persons to move around and buy things and bring these back home.

Disadvantage: Dealing with reputed companies is a necessity and when it is a global transaction, it is much more significant. One should try to eliminate the chances of getting duped as much as possible.

Automation of Tracking: When one is in India, let us say, and is buying a merchandise from Brazil, purchasing will go through the different phases of money transaction as payment is done through International Credit Card or similar stuff. We then need to track package to authenticate the safe movement of the stuff from Brazil to India.

PKGE.net provides Postal Tracking

PKGE.net has a powerful software system which can recognize the track number of any country from where an item has been bought and it also takes in the details of the country where the item is being supplied, it then generates a globally unique tracking code within a short period.


  1. An unique system of international mail tracking makes it possible to learn where a parcel is in real time.
  2. A personal account is provided after registration. Therefore, all track numbers will be saved in this place automatically so that you may not need to type them once again.
  3. Confirmation email: If there is a change in the status of the order, the tracking system will send confirmation emails and the current position of the parcel will be always updated and known 24/7.

Importance of tracking any package

  1. Old Tracking Information: Even after receipt of an item, this information may be needed for resolution of any controversy. This is available.
  2. Different Postal Services: Though an item may move through different postal services, this system will be able to provide tracking information of all these.
  3. Protection from Unfair Salespeople: Online shopping does not provide protection from unfair sales persons or practices. Our registered evidence of movement of an item through all sites provides authentic evidence. Thus, it provides a guarantee that the online international shopping will be safe.

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