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LMS Systems – Mandatory for Businesses to Stay on Top in 2019

With the ongoing drastic changes in the corporate and ecommerce world, there is an increased need for fostering effective learning. Today, businesses all around the world are introducing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to their organizations for establishing a robust platform which assists in corporate training and caters to the training needs of a wider audience. In the present article, it will be seen why businesses should adopt LMS systems in 2019 and which are the five best LMS for small business/startups this year.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a software applications which is capable of administering, regulating, tracking and delivering learning. They are equipped with features that not only deliver completely automated online training but they also support other hybrid training models such as the flipped classroom approach and blended learning.

Benefits for Businesses in Adopting LMS systems in 2019

  • Boost in Performance of Employees: LMS solutions provide elearning courses completely on demand. It allows for the provision of immediate training quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it easily lays a foundation for performance improvement. With increased competition in the corporate world this year, LMS have become really important.
  • Increased Compliance Training: With incorporation of LMS, induction of new recruits becomes way easier, faster and regulated. It is beneficial for the organization when the new recruits are aligned to the businesses’ mission, vision and goals. This way they will be able to deliver high-quality services to customers and the organization both.
  • Reduced Cost of Training: According to ROI models, LMS helps in deliverance of eLearning courses which in turn reduces training costs as opposed to face-to-face and traditional trainings.
  • Regulated Multiple Sites Deployment: This year will be big on deployment of training teams on various sites. An LMS ensures there is uniformed learning in place and there is consistency in messages which are delivered in all locations. An efficient LMS will help in keeping your business on top of the game.
  • Improved Training Uptake: In 2019, the competition is bound to become tougher. As the going gets tough, the tough need to get going! Having said this, the organizations need to ensure that they waste no time at all and their operations do not get hampered due to any reason whatsoever. An LMS helps in improving the training uptake significantly. Through an LMS, the businesses can deliver training in smaller chunks so that the workflow does not get disturbed in any way. Managers can also thereby keep a track of the employees who have not yet taken the training and accordingly encourage them to take training.
  • Learning Aligned to the Requirements of the Business: With the beginning of the new year, it has become even more important to train for new initiatives for instance product launches and introducing new processes. Learning Management System is quite a powerful tool which dynamically aligns learning according to the requirements of the business.

Five best LMS for small business/startups this year

Small businesses have a clear idea of how significant it is to ensure that the staff is learning continuously so that they remain competitive in the corporate world. This remains a growing trend in the business landscape. According to the 2018 Global Human Capital Trends, businesses who have substantial corporate learning practices tend to experience four times better retention of employees and thereby earn nearly three times increased revenues as compared to other firms who do not have a similar practice.

If you are ready to invest in a good LMS program, the following are the five best LMS solutions for a small startup in 2019:

  • Litmos LMS

Litmos is currently the world’s most convenient to use cloud based learning management system. It is trusted by businesses of all sorts, particularly the smaller ones in acceleration of internal and external learning. It makes the unifying of mobile, classroom, eCommerce and social capabilities in one scalable and secure platform. It also offers yearly payment plans.

  • TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a software which has been designed for helping businesses in training employees and partners online. It is designed for medium to small sized businesses. It also offers features that are enterprise-friendly for various industries. It also has a fairly easy-to-use interface and boasts provision of safe data communication and servers which enable deliveries of fast file.

  • Skyprep LMS

Skyprep is a great online training software which has the ability to simplify online training and knowledge sharing so that organizations are able to reach their full potential. They provide online training and knowledge sharing solutions for companies of all sizes. They have a wide range of products which serve more than 250,000 users from leading companies and various industries and sectors around the world. It also has a special knowledge sharing platform known as BoostHQ.

  • eFront

eFront is a completely adaptable and powerful learning management system for startups of various sizes. Offering cloud-based and on-premise options, this is an eCommerce ready software and mobile-optimized which is equipped with flexible deployment solutions, completely customizable features and advanced security tools.

  • eCoach

eCoach is quite a flexible authoring and LMS tool, all in one platform. It is very convenient to use with an intuitive and uncluttered design which is reminiscent of an Apple product instead of being simply an LMS. It allows for conversion of the platform into an extensive and an organized library content through using unlimited storage, filtering features and simple search. The eCoach campus can be personalized with the company’s personal logo and customizing its fonts and colors.

Final Thoughts

The present article discussed LMS, its benefits of using it by a small start up and its significance for the year 2019. Additionally, five best LMS solutions were also listed that could help the companies in coming at the top of the competition. Because of the latest LMS solutions, previous insurmountable barriers are no longer an issue. Today, more and more organizations have recognized the importance of Learning Management Systems and are adopting them. Adopting the best one is important as it will help in understanding the company’s needs and can provide an effective solution which is both intuitive and attractive for the learner to use and is also reliable and robust.

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Ehsan Memari is a blogger for SkyPrep, a provider of leading online training software for organizations to train employees partners and customers. Ehsan is a regular contributor to blog posts related to knowledge sharing, L&D and eLearning. Follow him on Twitter @ehsanmemari.

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