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Simplify everything with written instructions

Schema Format: Some CAD systems will generate the schema format for you, while others will ask you to create it in a separate library. Whichever method you use, you will associate this format with the database of your design to build your schema.

Map contours : just like for a production diagram, you will need to display the contours of the map of your design. Depending on the size of the card, the image can be sized to fit the size of the drawing or enlarged to display more detail.

Forms of the components: in the contours of the map, you will have to display all the shapes of the components and their reference designators which will be soldered on the map.

Mechanical components: you will also have to display all the mechanical components that will be attached to the board using the fastening material. As the footprint of these components will probably not be standard, you will certainly need to add or draw these shapes separately. For example, an eject mechanism is an element that is not electric. It will not necessarily be represented in the diagram, but must be added to the assembly diagram and the nomenclature .

Assembly Notes: This is a list of instructions that include basic assembly information, references to industry standards, specifications, and locations of special features. RayMing Technology is a good use for PCB assembly.



Location of Identification Labels: Each identification label, such as barcodes or assembly labels, must be located using a schema pointer and referenced to a specific label in the assembly notes.

Additional Views: A back view will usually be needed in addition to the front view for circuit boards that incorporate components on both sides. If the size of the map is small enough, both views can sometimes share the same sheet of the schema. For larger maps, you can add sheets to the diagram. You will probably also need to add a side view of the map to indicate how to fix some mechanical components.

When it is necessary to display a more detailed view of certain areas, for example for an eject mechanism, you will need to have a cut-out view of this area next to the main view of the map . This cropped view can be enlarged to improve visibility, and you can add a schema pointer that will indicate the location of this view on the main map.

Component List: Your manufacturer may ask you to display the BOM directly on the assembly diagram. This happens more frequently for small cards.

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