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Poster iPad POS system for small business: The best managing system for your bakery

Often people became entrepreneurs to follow their passion. Starting something as a hobby they develop and scale the work they love until it becomes a full-time job or a business. A bakery is a business that attracts creative people. However, being a talented baker does not guarantee the success to the business. At some point, the baker-entrepreneur realizes that they can’t rely solely on their creativity to make the business work.

The owner of a bakery has to do a lot of day-to-day manual work still has to be able to do planning, analysis and make strategic decisions. This is where technologies come in handy, such as point-of-sale and inventory management software. With the right tools at hand, it becomes much easier to manage a small business. However, the introduction of technology can become a challenge in itself. How to arm yourself with technology and at the same time not to overinvest in it?

Turn your baking hobby into a business

Having decided to turn your baking hobby into a business you might prefer to start slowly. First, run it from home for some time and keep it a one-man business until you realize that scaling is inevitable. At that moment, a lot of challenges will come at once. To name a few: finding a good location, buying equipment, resolving legal affairs, hiring people, and so on.

Being good at baking, you may suddenly discover that you are not as good at management, accounting, planning, marketing and so on. If you start without big investments, then hiring a team of specialists at once is not an option for you. For some time, as the business owner, you will have to shoulder it all on your own. The smart use of technologies raises your chances for success. The business skills you get at this stage will always remain useful. As your team and business grow, you’ll have to be able to manage people and processes at a larger scale.

Adopt your tablet with a cloud POS software for managing your bakery

Being in a new business you have to be very aware and organized. You can ‘hire’ your gadgets to help you run your business and get it on the next level. A mobile POS system installed on your tablet can help you a lot in running your bakery.

It’s important to choose the most suitable point-of-sale and inventory management software among a hundred different options. Poster POS is one of the best all-in-one solutions for a small bakery. It provides you a front-office for managing orders and a back-office for managing inventory, finances, analytics, and CRM. Poster POS provides all the necessary features and great user experience for a monthly subscription fee starting at $24.

Poster is a cloud-based point-of-sale system designed for owners of small businesses: a cafe, bar, restaurant, food truck, and bakery. It eases the process of taking orders, managing inventory and finance. Although Poster POS resolves difficult tasks, it is easy to set up and use. The setup will take you just 10 to 15 minutes. What you should do to start is just install Poster on your tablet connected with your receipt printer. The interface is user-friendly and doesn’t require any specialized skills from you.

Poster POS supports a wide range of hardware. It is compatible with different models of receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and card payment processors, which makes it a popular solution. Poster can be installed on Android and Windows devices. It supports iPad Air, iPad Mini 4 and newer iOS 11+. The seamless operation on iOS devices and the availability of bakery-friendly features make Poster one of the best system businesses.

Enjoy the benefits that the use of a tablet POS system brings to your business

When you choose a mobile POS system you benefit from the combination of the professional software and usability of your gadget. What is important, Poster doesn’t occupy much hard drive space on your gadget. You also can make your smartphone a complementary management tool by installing Poster Boss app. It allows you to access your data from your smartphone when it is more convenient.

As for the usability, when you take orders using your tablet you streamline your sales process. It allows getting your customers through the queue several times faster. Even in morning rush hours, you won’t make your customers wait too long. Managing customers’ orders in an efficient and speedy manner, you’ll raise customer satisfaction.

When you handle orders on your tablet you remain mobile. Instead of being tied to one spot where a fixed cash register stands, you can move around your shop with your gadget. This allows you to conveniently consult customers on your products helping them make their choice and complete sales. This gives you additional opportunities to upsell and raise your profit.

When you choose a mobile point-of-sale system, all your data is stored in the cloud. However, it does not mean that you depend on a stable internet connection. Poster POS can run on your tablet in the off-line mode. Even when your internet provider fails, you can continue handling orders as usual. All the sales and ordering data gets saved anyway. The data saved during the off-line operation gets synced with the cloud storage data as soon as the internet connection recovers.

If you want to provide different payment options for your customers, you can connect your tablet with a bank terminal. Because Poster is compatible with different POS terminals it will be an easy task for you to introduce card payments.

To get the idea about how your business is going, you can analyze all the financial and operational data in the form of dashboards perfectly displayed on the screen of your tablet. The convenience of work with data is important for your ability to make smart decisions.

Starting own bakery business, you can count on affordable technology in order to run your business in an efficient way from the very beginning. It might look like a costly and complicated thing at first glance. However, choosing a suitable solution gives you a lot of advantages. Cloud POS software solutions can operate on your Android tablet or iPad. You don’t have to invest in costly specialized hardware to try and check what benefits you get from the introduction of a POS system to your business. Thinking about what to start from, why don’t you subscribe to Poster POS trial period and see one of the optimal solutions in action?

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