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The Best 5 Methods to Consume CBD

Some people believe that marijuana products can be harmful to one’s health. This is because it is majorly known to get one high. However, that is not the case. Though it gets one high, Cannabis is also important for one’s health. It has non-psychoactive properties in its CBD compound which makes it beneficial to one’s health. As we see here as CBD benefits and side effects. It depends on CBD usage. The THC compound constitutes the psychoactive properties which get one high. To benefit from the non-psychoactive properties of cannabis, one has to consume the product.

CBD products can be consumed in different ways. Some through the tongue, smoking and applying on the skin among other methods. These methods help the product to get absorbed into the body hence the beneficial effects. To make it consumable, the plant is extracted and manufactured into various products. These include; lotions, oils, topicals, and edibles among others. This article seeks to discuss some of the best methods to consume CBD.


CBD oil can be consumed through edibles. These are things you get to eat or drink. You can buy edibles online or get them from a store near you. The best cannabis edibles can be found in brownies, tea, peanut butter, sweet treats, and CBD gummies among others. CBD oil is versatile when it comes to delights. Some people do not like the flavor associated with the Hemp plant. Thus, the ideal method of consuming CBD oil for them is through edibles. They can make their capsules if the extracted oil is a hassle for them to carry around or too thick.


The term sublingual may sound to be a complex word to some people, but it is quite simple. It is a method of consumption where the CBD oil product goes under the tongue. One does not swallow it immediately it is placed under the tongue. There is an absorption process which usually takes place through the mucous membranes before it gets into the system. Once the CBD oil product is placed under the tongue, it gets absorbed by the capillaries in the mouth. Once it is absorbed, one can swallow it. When the capillaries absorb the oil, it bypasses the liver, and the digestive system hence goes into the bloodstream quickly. Most CBD oils consumed through this method are usually in dropper bottles. This is so to ensure the oils are administered accurately. Additionally, sublingual cannabis is quite efficient and effective, and it is often used by various supplements taken by people on a daily basis.


Topicals, as the name suggests is a method of consumption whereby the CBD oil product is applied on the top, that is the skin. It is majorly used to address skin conditions and isolate pain. When applied on the skin, the product interacts with the cells that are near it. It does not necessarily have to enter the bloodstream or undergo ingestion for you to get its benefits. Cannabis topicals come in the form of lotions and balms. They form a part of the daily beauty regime, and it is beneficial to persons who have sensitive skin.


The most common method used by people to consume cannabis products is smoking with pre rolled cones. This is because they believe it is the easiest and most effective means to enjoy the benefits of it. Some people, however, prefer cigarettes as a drug to weed. Contrariwise, the majority had to quit. Many questioned vaping vs. smoking and often wondered which proved to be effective. CBD posed to be efficient and beneficial to their health, unlike cigarettes which only helped deteriorate it. This came after they tried out CBD e-liquids. These products contain CBD oils infused with high CBD concentrates or vegetable glycerine. They come in arrays of flavors which vary from chocolate butterscotch to minty fresh and vaporizers as well. The sizes also vary, that is from the desktop, plugged in power units to small battery-powered pens. The pens are portable.

Is it safe?

Many people may wonder whether cannabis is effective or not. Marijuana constitutes many compounds the two major ones being CBD and THC. The THC compound forms a large part of the plant thus many people presume weed to be unhealthy. However, it’s CBD compound is beneficial to one’s health. The THC compound has psychoactive properties which make one get high. The CBD compound, on the other hand, has non-psychoactive properties thus it is considered to be beneficial to one’s health. There is CBD oil for anxiety, relieving pain, reducing acne, and alleviating cancer-related symptoms. So, CBD oil is safe for consumption. The method of consumption does not matter as it is effective.

Effect duration

When administering the products or consuming them, there is a significant duration it takes for it to be effective. CBD oil products consumed through the edibles or sublingual methods take less time, around two hours for the effects to take place. It can be used to relieve stress or calm one down. Taking CBD oil products orally prolongs the effectiveness of the drug. Consuming the product through vaping proves to be a fast and reliable method of consumption as it is absorbed quite fast in the bloodstream. However, the effects CBD oil products consumed through vaping last for less time.


The legalization of marijuana is a topic of discussion in many countries. While some may consent to the product being legal, others may still carry out to debates to check whether it is of any significance legalizing it. CBD oil is good for one’s health thus some countries need to know the impact it will bring when legalizing the consumption of the product. Also, if it may be an issue, they can authorize the consumption or administration of the product to be done or given to persons above 18 years.

In conclusion, cannabis is a plant which constitutes many compounds the major ones being CBD and THC. The THC compound forms a large part of the plant hence makes many people presume it is only used for recreational purposes. However, it has a non-psychoactive compound which allows for it to be used for medical purposes. CBD oil can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, reducing acne, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, and treating patients with epileptic seizures among others. For one to benefit from it, it has to be consumed, and one has to go for the best yielding strains. The various methods of consumption are as discussed above. There is a significant amount of time incurred before one gets to feel the effectiveness of the products. Additionally, some countries should know how beneficial CBD oil products are to one’s health and thus consider legalizing its consumption.


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