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11 Modern Marketing Skills [Infographic]

Now is the most exciting time in marketing history. New, advanced technologies seem to emerge daily in the field. These innovations help marketers to do a better job of analyzing information and automating key tasks. Still, people will always remain the central element that guides the art and science of marketing, and along with these innovations, comes the demand for talented professionals who are skilled at working with today’s advanced marketing technologies.

Modern marketers must evaluate available technology offerings with intense scrutiny. From social media platforms and tools to data analysis systems to advertising and promotions managers to content scheduling software, marketers have a daunting number of resources at their disposal. Some are great, and some are so-so.

At the beginning of the technological revolution, vendors developed a wealth of software-based utilities. The marketing software landscape has since evolved from domination by select vendors, to a field that’s run by platforms such as marketing automation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and other technologies. At this stage in the evolution of the industry, technology vendors are honing the cross-integration capabilities of the latest platforms, allowing end users to custom tailor their enterprise legacy systems.

There’s been a recent revolution in the way that marketers engage with potential consumers. In the last decade, the marketing world’s been turned upside down, especially during the last five years.

Today’s marketers are gifted at understanding consumer needs and increasing brand value. Effective marketing is helpful and engaging for consumers. It provides them with direct and personal value. It’s not hard to tell when marketing works because things get sold when it does.

As the digital universe unfolds and evolves, a consumer-centric focus has never been more important. While marketers are becoming better at achieving this goal, getting inside the minds of consumers remains perpetually elusive.

Along with the marketing technology revolution came the need for marketers who’ve learned new and empowering skills. While specialists who were knowledgeable in a single discipline reigned supreme while the marketing technology field emerged, today’s employers seek multiskilled experts who are well-versed across several industry functions and in working with a host of applications.

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