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Optimal Gaming PC as Recommended by Writers

Here gaming writers from Coolessay.net offer the best way to spend money on a PC. You’ll find an optimal starting platform for your thoughts to ground on. By orienting on the table below, you can assemble a properly balanced system and fill them according to your requirements, possibilities and preferences.

For your comfort, we grouped positions and prices into a single table of components basing on data from the pcpartpicker.com catalog.

Best Gaming PC for Nov 2018

CPURyzen 5 2600 AMD~$160
Core i5 8400 Intel~$240
MotherboardAMD B350 or B450 chipset (AM4)~$70
Intel B360 chipset (LGA1151)~$70
GPU cardGeForce GTX1060 6 GB, GDDR 5 / Radeon RX580 8 GB, GDDR5~$240
RAM16 GB DDR4-2666/3000~$150
Storages7200 RPM 2 TB HDD~$70
480 to 512 GB SSD M2 or SATA~$100
PSU & Case550 W, any Mid-Tower ATX PC case~$110
Total for Intel platform PC~$980
Total for AMD platform PC~$900


A sudden price rise that happened recently did not only touch low-budget Intel processors, middle-range chips got more expensive as well. Instead of usual $180-190 for an i5-8400, the user will now need to pay nearly $240. For the price of $180, you can now buy an i3-8100 CPU, which is not considered to be an optimal choice for the gaming system due to having only 4 cores without hyper-threading. For the computer of this level, the minimum of 6 cores is a must for a CPU.

One can wait till CPU’s get cheaper, but nobody can predict precise terms of a price drop. Gamers would be very happy to see a small reduction because the rise was really sudden, but there is no factor for it to happen. A deficiency of retail processors exists nowadays, so costs remain high for three weeks and more nowadays.

Looks like traders use the wave of Intel deficiency to slightly raise prices for AMD chips, too. During the October-November period, prices of a Ryzen 5 model 2600 increased from $140 to $160. It seems to be a random little trouble if to compare with Intel prices, but the thing itself is not cool. During this time, one can either accept the reality and increase a budget a bit or review more affordable choices. Fortunately, there exist interesting propositions from AMD. For instance, a Ryzen 5 of the 1600X CPU model. This processor has a higher base clock formula of 3,6 to 4,0 GHz vs 3,4 to 3,9 GHz of a 2600 Ryzen 5 model. Still, because of lesser architecture optimizations and a more serious dynamic overclock speed, in stock modes and under a multithread load these CPU’s will be nearly equal in terms of performance.

Plus, it is good to mention that 1st get Ryzen processors marked with X index are delivered without the box cooler included. So, additional $20-40 to pay for a good CPU cooling system will practically equalize prices. In case is saving $20-30 is necessary, take a look onto the 1600 Ryzen 5 model (3.2 to 3.6 GHz). These CPU’s are offered for nearly same $140, but are supplied with the basic cooler which is fine to start using the CPU. Still, a younger 6-core chip is good to get some overclocking, and the standard cooling device would not probably be good enough in this case. Here we come back to the idea of Ryzen 5 of a 2600 model which is totally good. For the overclocked version of 2600X Ryzen 5 model (3,6 to 4,2 GHz) stores ask nearly $200, and that is the field of basic 8-cored Ryzen 7 model – 1700.

The lack of Intel processors is a good possibility for the “red” company to increase their positions on the CPU market. Some experts even predict the company to get up to one third of a desktop segment. But these prognoses are too optimistic. In certain countries, the AMD chips popularity really increased, especially if to consider users assembling their rigs on their own. But globally, AMD achievements are not that cool yet. According to the results of Q2’2018, the company took nearly 12% of a desktop market. The part continues growing, but the quarter is considered as a very lucky time if the company gets additional 1-2%.

Unlike the segment of retail sales, big OEM-manufacturers don’t feel a serious lack of CPUs by Inter, so they do not rush too quickly to switch their builds to AMD platforms. Difficulties connected to the accessibility of Intel CPU chips will likely be useful for their main competitors, but great market shifts are not happening yet.


Choosing a video card for balanced configs is a pure satisfaction nowadays. It is a rare accident when solutions from Nvidia and AMD are simultaneously close in terms of prices and performance capabilities. You can consider good variants of Radeon model RX 580 8GB and GeForce video card of GTX 1060 6GB. What influences your choice here are your individual preferences about products from this or that vendor. Obviously, architecture differences of devices will cause certain effects in different games, but particular these GPUs are equal competitors. And generally, GPUs of this level offer you good gaming performance in Full HD resolution with normal to high quality presets.

Soon, there will be a refresh for AMD models. The new Radeon 590 will take the segment between GTX 1060/Radeon 580 and GTX 1070/Radeon Vega 56. If AMD will be lucky to add 10-15% of performance keeping energy consumption and prices lower, mid-range GPUs from this company will look even better.

There is no information about GeForce video card model GTX 1060 descendants, and nobody knows when brand-new Nvidia mid-class GPU solutions will appear on the market. Nowadays, one can only hear rumors and suppositions that the developer is not going to include tensor cores and RT-blocks in this category of products in order to make new CPUs affordable and small. In any case, Nvidia will not hurry to release predicted RTX/GTX 2060 for sure. So, those who want to add some speed here and now should consider buying a GTX 1070. Still, If you’ve got more than $400 to spend on a GPU, it looks good to review the GeForce RTX 2070 super model.

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