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CBD Oil: Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

CBD oil has become extremely popular over the last few years for good reason. More and more studies are coming out about it’s potential health benefits and users are swearing by it. When shopping for CBD products, you’ll notice many brands carry CBD oil that uses either full spectrum extraction methods or Isolate methods. For the common person researching or learning about CBD oil, these terms can often be confusing. What’s the difference between Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD? Which one is better for me?

What is Full Spectrum CBD oil?

Full Spectrum refers to CBD oil that contains terpenes from the cannabis plant and also other cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG. There are many advantages in doing this and the main advantage is called the “Entourage Effect”. The Entourage Effect is when all cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically providing optimal benefits. This is something you simply won’t get with Isolate. If you use a Full Spectrum CBD oil be careful if it has THC in it as it can still pop up on drug tests. Most reputable brands like NuLeaf Naturals sell Full Spectrum CBD oil have and 3rd party lab test results that show what’s actually in the oil. I would highly recommend only buying CBD oil from brands that are transparent with these lab results. Typically these oils are more expensive than isolates but you can always google search NuLeaf Naturals coupons since most these brands offer discounts. When learning or looking for Full Spectrum products you may come across “Broad Spectrum” that claim 0% THC. If you do just double check to make sure on their lab tests.

What is Isolate CBD Oil?

An Isolated CBD product is one that doesn’t include other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG. You’re simply consuming CBD in an isolated form. If you see a product that’s a CBD Isolate it generally will be labeled as being 99% CBD or more. What most brands do with this is mix it with MCT oil or even coconut oil which helps metabolize it and also make it taste better. My personal favorite is coconut oil. If you’re someone who gets drug tested or is sensitive to other cannabinoids you’ll want Isolate CBD oil since there’s 0% THC. CBD oil isn’t the only form of isolated CBD. Another popular way to consume it is by “raw” crystalline powder.

What’s Better, Isolate or Full Spectrum?

This is debatable, and it depends on what you want to accomplish. If drug testing is a concern then you’ll want to stick with CBD Isolate. Project CBD recently released information from a study that supported THC being combined with CBD to feel the optimal effects. If taste is a big concern with you, the isolates have a much better tasting product because there isn’t as much of that “hemp” taste. The terpenes from Full Spectrum include compounds that give the plant taste and smell. It isn’t completely conclusive as to which is better or healthier but you can consider things like drug tests, favorite ways to consume CBD, taste etc. Do your research before buying these products. Check out CBD reviews and make sure the companies you buy from are reputable. CBD isn’t approved by the FDA yet regarding medical claims so I would recommend talking to a physician before supplementing it.

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