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CallHippo – Best Business Phone Number Provider

Are you running a business and still do not have a business phone number? A phone number is most important for your organization growth; Business number is nothing but a phone number only for professional and business use. Has it ever happened to you that you regretted giving your personal number for business use? If yes then you can buy your business phone number from CallHippo at affordable price. Usually, freelancers and startup entrepreneurs use their own mobile phones to communicate with clients. It is a good sign to use a business number as it hides the reality that you are a single man army. The office phone system forwards the call from business phone number to your personal phone number in real time. In this way, you do not need to reveal your personal number and maintain your privacy. Also, those who are tired of missing important calls as they work from home or constantly on business meetings outside the office can benefit from a business phone number. The VoIP phone system does not let you miss important calls as you can attend them from anywhere. So

CallHippo is a savior. The company offers the best in industry office phone system services. Startups and small businesses can now buy a local phone number from more than 50 countries around the globe. Do you think setting up a call center within less than 3 minutes is possible? Yes, it is possible only with CallHippo. It offers a user-friendly interface and robust backend architecture which makes the quick setup possible. If you are tired of desk phones, then the company can help you replace them with softphones to reduce the complexity of setting up a call center or support center. The company is well known for excellent implementation of cloud computing in telephony. By integrating these two diverse technologies, CallHippo has served many client companies.

The organizations and small startups can install cloud-based office phone systems with just a few clicks. CallHippo’s different features allow you to reduce telephonic complexity in an extremely cost-effective manner. Since these are Internet-based services, companies do not need to invest in expensive equipment or technicians. CallHippo’s VOIP system offers many features like virtual phone number, call forwarding, voice mail, call recording, call analytics, and international numbers. Let us have a brief look at all these features:

1. Virtual phone number – A virtual phone number is also called as Direct Inward Dialing. These numbers do not use traditional private branch exchange (PBX) systems. It uses a virtual phone system to make and receive calls with the help of internet. Calls can be made and received not only through mobile but also through a laptop, computer system, tablet, etc. the virtual phone number allows you to forward the call to any number. In this way, you can receive important office calls from home too. You can port the existing virtual number to CallHippo. You need not change the virtual number and inform all clients about the new number as you are allowed to use the existing number with CallHippo’s amazing features. Along with all these benefits, the company offers you HD quality calling.

2. Call Forwarding – You can now forward calls anytime and anywhere with an easy process. The caller does not understand what happens in the background and will not know that you are outside the office. This improves your professional image. The calls can get forwarded on Landline, Cell phone or even a Satellite Phone. You can change the call forwarding settings on the basis of ‘unanswered calls, ‘busy’’ or any other condition. Also, you can integrate the forwarded calls with CRM software to manage the calls from anywhere in the globe.

3. Voice Mail – Voicemails are pretty famous in the USA. In case if you miss an important call, you can recover the message through voicemails. CallHippo offers cutting-edge virtual voicemail system. You can access voicemails of all users through CallHippo dashboard. Since voicemails are integrated with emails, you can access them through emails too. It can also be integrated with Business Management Software or CRM Software. You can put customized voicemail greetings to please your callers.

4. Call Recording – This is an important feature. Call recordings can be used for various reasons. How to analyze client conversation? What if you forget what important points client specified on call? How to judge employees ability of closing deals on calls? How to make a point of past mistakes done in calling? All these questions can be answered through call recording. CallHippo’s call recording feature records all calls automatically. You can also integrate Call Recordings with your CRM software.

5. Call Analytics – Tracking communications over the calls is not the only important thing. To get the best outcome from calling, you need to analyze the overall calling system. CallHippo’s call analytics tracks call volume and call duration. It also routes incoming and outgoing calls. It lets you know the source of incoming calls, insights into client behaviors and assess real-time phone tracking dashboards.

6. International Numbers – Wish to take your business to the global level? Get international numbers right away. The international numbers offered by CallHippo lets your company manage clients from USA, UK, Canada, France, etc. These international numbers are virtual. The numbers are budget-friendly and let your customers interact with your team 24/7. You can also get toll free numbers in less cost as compared to other service providers.

Customer Review

“Since we are a team of three and all of us are constantly out for client meets, it becomes easy for us to manage office calls with CallHippo’s VOIP system. The company offers delightful features by integrating the whole system with the cloud.” – Walter Greer, Interior Designer. Wish to buy a local phone number in no time? Contact CallHippo.

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