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Affiliate Marketing Malaysia: Tips To Succeed Within Global Reach

Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows an individual to earn a steady income based on the efficiency of his or her marketing efforts. Usually, an individual will have to sign up for an affiliate account (can be done online), promote the products and services of a particular business and entice customers to buy from this business. As the number of purchasing customers increase, so does your affiliate income. Affiliate marketing is convenient and flexible, which is why more and more people are engaging with this kind of business.

Expanding your audience reach is an essential factor in the success of your business. This idea also applies in the context of affiliate marketing. If you want to become successful as an affiliate, you should consider selling products and services internationally. Opening your doors to newer audiences can expedite your progress while increasing your chances of earning more affiliate income, as well. If you’re eyeing to take on international affiliate marketing and have Malaysia as your starting point, make use of the following tips:

1. First things first

Before thinking about your marketing plan, decide on which affiliate network you should work with. The affiliate network you choose can make or break your opportunity to thrive and grow in the international business arena. Here’s some things to consider:

  • If you already have a plan on the country you wish to enter, scout for local affiliate networks. For example, if you want to start international with affiliate marketing Malaysia, affiliate networks which operate in this country for years should be on top of your list.
  • Working with a locally-based affiliate network can serve as your head start because they’ll know how the market works and what the local audience wants. Their knowledge can become a goldmine of information for you to create your affiliate brand locally.

2. Think about the cultural difference

An acceptable gesture to one country might be considered as an insult to another. Every country is different and as an affiliate, you should be wary of these differences. Creating a wrong impression in a new country is the last thing you want to think about when you’re an affiliate. Things to remember include:

  • Take time to know the country you’re planning to enter. Study what the culture is of the locals in the area and what kind of strategies work and doesn’t work for them.
  • The marketing and selling techniques you used in your own country might be useful, but this doesn’t mean that you should apply the same in all of the countries you enter. For example, if your techniques were effective in the UK, don’t expect that you’ll have the same results once you use these techniques in Malaysia.
  • Every country adapts to affiliate marketing differently. Some countries might have fully embraced affiliate marketing while others are still in its infancy stage. It’s crucial that you study all of these details so you’ll know which strategy to apply.

3. Take advantage of the local opportunities

As part of embracing the local culture of your international affiliate marketing efforts, you should also be wary of the local holidays which are celebrated in the country. You can utilize these holidays to come up with promos to better suit the demands of the locals.

  • Hari Raya Haji is one of the most celebrated Holidays in Malaysia. The locals – both students and employees – will be free during this day so you can schedule your promos during the holiday. It’ll be easier for you to entice them to buy once they’re actually available on the day.

During this process, the key is to know the local holiday in advance and strategize a promo or deal which suits the holiday. The earlier you know about an upcoming local holiday, the better. You’ll basically have more time to prepare.

4. Overcome the language barrier

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that different languages are used in different parts of the world. And although English is understood by many, using it throughout your international affiliate marketing efforts isn’t the best way to go. Some things to consider:

  • Start by looking into the local language of the country you’re going to enter and make sure that your website translates to this language. Your website can create an impression to these locals – so make sure you do this on a positive note.
  • Aside from having a language-friendly website, you should also pay attention to your customer service. If you’re using real-time chat support on your website, this should be apt to the local language. The same is also true when you’re going to employ customer service associates, too.

Be Well-Informed

The number of years you’ve been working as an affiliate doesn’t warrant that your attempts in the international market will end with positive results. There’s several factors which come into the picture, and most often than not, these factors aren’t controllable. If you want to minimize these risks, take time to know the country you’re going to enter. Knowledge is indeed power – even in your international affiliate marketing efforts.

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