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Tips for creating a fruitful Facebook ad campaign

Digitization has morphed everything around us and allowed to be more effective while saving the precious time from our watertight schedule. Apart from the people, businesses have also shifted to the digital world because it offers huge opportunities for businesses of each size and type. Out of the various operations of the businesses which have changed due to the introduction of the internet, advertisements are the most prominent one.

Those days are long gone when companies have to invest a huge amount of money in advertising their product or service through traditional methods of advertisement as now with the help of the Internet, most of the businesses are able to run ad campaigns with even a limited budget. And out of all the options and platform of running an online ad campaign, Facebook is the most useful and economical one.

With over 1 billion daily active users and the presence of over 50 million businesses, the giant social media platform Facebooks is surely the best choice for starting your online ad campaigns. But in order to get the best result from your Facebook ads campaign, you need to create it in a unique and the most advantageous way possible.

So, in this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of the tips which can help you in creating a fruitful Facebook ad campaign.

Choose the target audience wisely

If you will create an ad campaign for Facebook then you will get various options to enhance the result of your campaign and one such option is choosing the target audience. Under the option of choosing your audience, you get different options like location, gender, interest, etc. If you are able to use these options wisely then you will be able to make the most from your ad campaign.

If you are targeting your local market, then you should choose your city in the geographical location, but you should know that choosing a larger area will result in an increased price of your campaign. You should choose the gender, interest and other options on the basis of your target audience like if you are selling a gel for beard then you should choose male in gender with age limit of 25-50. This way, your ad will appear in the news feed of only those people who will be interested in your product instead of popping up in everyone’s feed.

Make your campaign reliable

You must be aware of the fact that most of the people resist buying a product from a new company because they are afraid of losing money or making the wrong choice. With the increasing number of frauds on the online platform, such conservative nature of the customer is genuine and therefore, you should make your campaign reliable by adding social proofs.

These social proofs will increase the reliability of your company through your campaign and make your product or service look more genuine. You can use a testimonial from your existing customers as a strong social proof. But if you don’t have any testimonial then you don’t need to worry as you can also use your large audience base as your social proof because people obviously trust businesses that have a long list of customers. So while creating a fruitful Facebook ad campaign, don’t forget to add a social proof, so that people can trust your brand and campaign.

Always use a call to action

A call to action button is a button which you will use in your Facebook ad campaign in order to guide your audience towards your goal conversion. For example, if you hyperlink your website with a short sentence like “Try it for free” then this will be known as the call to action button.

Although the call to action button doesn’t increase your click through rate or enhance the engagement of your ad, it will surely elevate your conversion rate while minimizing the cost per conversion. If a user will click on your ad campaign and then arrive at your landing page then he won’t need to keep roaming around while figuring out what to do next. Some of the best examples of call to action button are “subscribe to our daily magazine and win…”, “download our ebook”, “complete the short survey and get…” etc.

Choose your considerations wisely

While creating an ad campaign for Facebooks you will get various options for considerations like Traffic, Engagement, App installs, Video views and Lead generation. Each consideration will give you a different result and therefore you should choose your consideration very carefully.

For example, if you will choose the traffic for consideration, then your ad will be sent to a destination other than Facebook while on the other side, if you will choose the Engagement as your consideration, then you will get several options in your ads for engaging with the audience like page likes, comments, etc.

Similarly, the app installs will include a form through which your audience will be able to download your app from an app store like Google Play. The video views is the cheapest option to get more views on your videos and the lead generation will gather customer’s email, phone numbers and other information you want from their Facebooks profile.

Create unique and engaging ads

You must be seeing multiple ads in your Facebook news feed, but you only click those ads which are unique and which pique your interest because of its high level of engagement. The main part of creating a Facebook ad campaign consists of making it as unique as possible otherwise your ad will be lost in the flood of pop ups which your targeted audience gets in their news feed on a daily basis.

You should create an ad in such a way that your audience can’t stop themselves from engagement. For example, you can give them two popular images related to your product and ask them to choose their favorite one or you can just simply ask them to guess through a picture.

By adopting these easy to implement tips, you will be able to enhance the level of your Facebook ad campaign and get better results with it. The Facebooks ad campaign is an economical and effective way of promoting your product or service, while keeping a track of all your efforts and endeavors.

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