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What You Need to Know Before Buying Car Bumper Guards

Car bumper guards, being, one of the most essential car accessories, many of us rush to have it installed on the car immediately after the purchase. Yes, it’s indeed a good practice when it comes to preventing your car or SUV from unwanted scratches on both sides, rear, and front.

However, the fact is- most of the car owners don’t bother about picking the best one available or simply they don’t know how to choose the best matched one from the crowd.

If you are one of those car fellows looking forward to having the best bumper guards for your car, this post is absolutely for you. Yes, here in this particular post, we are going to present you 5 most important things that you need to know before sealing the deal. Let’s get started in the following without delay!


The brand of any particular thing under the sun has its own value and it should be on the top of your priority list in the case of car bumpers too.

Not just because the name has values attached to it, the bestseller brands in any specific industry can provide you with the best products, no doubt.

Also, the most renowned brands in any industry care the most about their reputation in the market. And, it’s what pushes them to manufacture the best products for their consumers. Besides, you will always have the peace of mind when purchasing the bumper guards for your car from the leading brand in the industry.

Materials Quality:

The quality of the materials used for the construction is one of the key concerns when choosing your car bumper guards. A bumper guard made of quality grade materials will definitely last longer than the one constructed with poor quality raw materials. Again, they also provide you with the best possible protection from the kind of impacts it’s used for.

There are several types of bumper guards depending on the raw materials used in them, like rubber, foam, and metal, etc. However, as per the experts, opting for the one made of industrial grade rubber can be the best choice regarding durability. And, the rest is up to you now.

Bumper Type:

It’s another important thing that you should consider with utmost care as they determine what kind of impacts your car will be capable of absorbing from any unwanted incident. Several types of bumper guards are there in the market including some heavy-duty guards as well.

Now, depending on your preference, you can go for either of them. However, it’s recommended that you a heavy-duty guard if you want to protect your car from impacts when in motion. Conversely, a stationary one will provide you with the best result for impacts when your vehicle is parked.


It’s another crucial thing that you should bear in mind when going to purchase the guards for your car. Make sure to check out the width, length, as well as the thickness beforehand so that the bumper guard nicely fits your car. Otherwise, it can be a complete mess and chances are there that you may end up with a number of unwanted issues while driving.


The price of any particular product is indeed a great motivator when it comes to finalizing the deal. Likewise, make sure to compare the price of different models and brands before you set your mind for a piece.

This will help you to get the best one within your budget and requirements for sure. Apart from the price, make sure to check out users’ opinion, warranty of the product, and after-sale services as well to get the best deal.

Last but not the least, if you are still confused and can’t make up your mind, just do a simple trick! Call an expert at a car dealership like Portland’s Premier Luxury Used Car Dealer and request guidance before purchase. They are passionate about luxury cars and extremely friendly in assisting you with everything related to your car or SUV, including replacement product sourcing. On top of that, they can be your ultimate destination for a late model luxury car or SUV that is within your budget.


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