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The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Digital marketers hope that their digital marketing campaign yields the desired results. But, it is not always the case. Even professional digital campaigns go through a phase of becoming stagnant or not producing the desired outcome. For all the campaigns that do not succeed, there is reason for this failure. There are common mistakes that digital marketers commit that can be avoided.

A frequent mistake made by digital marketers is not setting clear goals. It is not sufficient to make plans, the plans must be surrounded by clear goals and deliverables. Define targets so that you have something to achieve without going about it in haphazard manner.

The first rule to digital marketing is to know your customer. Not only must you understand the demographic, you must understand the psychographic of your audience. If the marketing message is not aligned with the audience’s needs, you will be losing customers by the day. It doesn’t matter that you are producing some of the best content online. If it doesn’t engage your audience, it just becomes noise. Learn the interests and specifics of your audience and ensure the content is attracting the right people.

Your digital strategy should expand to mobile users. If you are unable to target users on mobile platforms, you are missing out on a chunk of your audience. This is not limited to creating a mobile-friendly website. What you need to put together is a mobile-driven strategy.

Combine online marketing with traditional advertising. As much as you need be have a digital marketing strategy and make your best efforts online, do not forget that traditional advertising still exists and it is a big part of the overall marketing strategy. Reinforce your message using traditional marketing tools. For example, you distribute flyers at a conference.

It is important to personalize your marketing strategy. Your marketing message and content should be customer-centric and it should be tailored to your demographics’ primary needs. One size fits all does not work here. Your audience is unique and they are drawn to something that defines their needs. Lack of personalization can cost you your customers.

Don’t forget to track your results. Each time you set aside resources or spend money, there should be an outcome. If the results are not what you were expecting, you will need to tweak or change your digital marketing campaign altogether. Many digital marketers set up the campaign and forget about the results. Results are everything and campaigns must be measured.

Digital marketing today is different to what it was a decade ago. Have you upgraded your marketing skills and techniques? With technology advancing and strategies changing, marketing is now a complex job. If you plan to recruit new marketers, they must be skilled in more than just the basics. For example, a digital marketer must have knowledge in SEO, analytics, content marketing, social media marketing and so much more.

Pay attention to your competitors. Study your competition, and understand their success and what they do right. Similarly, learn about their failures so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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