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How to Choose the Best Electronic Logging Device System

If you wish to keep a tab of the number of trips made and miles run for your vehicles, then you have to use a good quality ELD. ELDs stand for Electronic Logging Device.

There are many makes available in the market and therefore thorough research must be done so that you are able to choose the best ELD device. We are sharing some useful tips which we are hopeful will help you to make the job of choosing the right ELD systems that much easier and correct.

Most Important Considerations:

Does it add value to you? This is one of the main considerations to be kept in mind while installing ELD in your vehicle. There are records to suggest that quality ELDs could help the country as a whole save paperwork valued at around $1.6 billion.

Additionally, it also could save crash reduction costs by as much as $400 million annually. Ensure that the ELD model which you are planning to buy is registered under FMCSA. If you look at the site of FMCSA you will be able to get a list of such approved manufacturers.

Spend some time researching more about the service provider. Reading some resources, tips and guide that will help you to identify reputed service providers like Be sure that the ELD meets all specifications as mandated under the rule.

Never buy an ELD unless you see the actual demonstration of the device end-to-end. Ensure that the ELD device has FMS or Fleet Management System in case you are running a fleet of vehicles. If not, do not buy ELD with this functionality because it will add to your costs.

Features To Look For:

While the above are could help you to select the right ELD in terms of quality and reputation. You must spend some time looking at some specific functions and features. Here are a few of them which could help you in making the right choice of ELD

Ensure that the ELD device is capable of providing separate accounts for drivers and non-driver (administrative) user. It should be able to record the motion status of the vehicle, engine power status and other such useful data.

It must be able to automatically record the driving time at regular intervals. All details such as time, date, engine hours, location, and miles traveled and identification of driver must be captured. It must be able to record location with an error margin of the one-mile radius when the vehicles are on the move.

The Final Word:

We are hopeful that the above points will help you to have a better understanding of ELDs and also assist you in making the right choice.


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