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A Quick Guide to IGTV [Infographic]

Instagram has come a long way from sharing filtered photos and quirky captions. Over the years, the platform has added features such as direct messaging, various photo editing tools and video sharing.

Despite the mixed reviews on Instagram’s ventures into video, the platform has grown steadily and reached 1 billion users as of the beginning of 2018.

The large amount of users is also a reflection of the platform’s engagement. About 51% of the platform’s users visit Instagram daily and as much as 35% check their feed multiple times a day.

Instagram TV

Recently, Instagram launched IGTV— a video platform similar to Youtube where users can upload videos up to 10 minutes or an hour (for profiles with a larger following). What makes IGTV different from its peers is the format of video.

Many videos online are horizontal, whereas IGTV videos are in vertical format, taking into consideration how people usually use their phones.

Since the release of IGTV, many large brands such as Chipotle and Natgeo have come on board and churned out off-the-wall content on their channels.

Chipotle posted a short clip, showcasing their vast selection of meals to go. Natgeo went big and uploaded their episode finale for “One Strange Rock” which runs for 47 minutes.

IGTV For All

IGTV isn’t just for big brands. As a matter of fact, businesses— big or small can utilize this feature to connect with their audience and market their brand.

Blackforest Wood & Co., a Canadian woodworking store used IGTV to showcase their production and educate their audience about types of wood by regularly uploading videos called “Wood Wednesday”.

Since Instagram accounts are integrated with IGTV channels, you don’t have to start from scratch in building your audience. Getting started with IGTV is also quite easy Simply go to Instagram and click on the TV icon.

For more information on how IGTV works, check out this infographic below!

A Quick Guide to IGTV

Courtesy of: Milkwhale

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Andre Oentoro is one of the co-founder of Milkwhale, an internationally acknowledged infographic production agency. He helps businesses increase visibility on the internet with visual data and well-placed outreach campaigns. Read more on his latest guide to Viral Infographics and learn how to get the most value out of your website’s traffic.

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