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5 Tips to Reduce Road Accidents

Road accidents account for killing almost 1.3 million people every year. That’s 2.2% of world’s population, making road accidents the 9th leading cause of deaths in the world.

There can be many reasons why road accidents are so high in numbers. These include being negligent while driving and taking steps such as talking on the phone, driving at a high speed, overtaking other vehicles, or driving poor light conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that the accident situation cannot be improved, it can, by following the right tips and using car gadgets that help minimize the chances of car accidents.

Let’s have a look at five tips to reduce road accidents:

1.Improving Light Conditions

The amount of accidents occuring in the night time are 4x higher than the number of accidents occuring during the daytime. A major reason for this is poor lighting conditions.

You can take care of this by installing good quality headlights and taillights in their car.

However, remember that strong is not always good as lights that are too strong can also lead to a road accident. Very strong lights can blind other drivers for a few seconds, which can to dangerous results.

Headlights should be chosen with care so that they allow you to see properly but without hurting others. This can be controlled by buying lights that are are not too bright and also installing them at the right angle.

LED highlights are best in this regard. They aren’t very sharp and have the kind of light that doesn’t hurt the sight.

Similarly, broken tail lights can also cause accidents. In case of a dark road, any driver would smash into you if they are in speed and you are driving slow. The job of tail lights is to let others be careful.

While it is the job of the government to install street lights to lit the roads, you cannot wait for the officials to take a step so make sure to at least get headlights to control what you can control.

2. Car Cameras

13.2 million teenager drivers die every year due to road accidents and the major reason for that is high speed driving. Speed thrills but it kills, too. You need to be careful about this to reduce risks.

Give your children proper driving lessons so that they know how to control the vehicle when they take it out. Moreover, you can also install car cameras for added safety.

Such cameras can help a great deal. While most new cars now come with preinstalled cams, some old or not very expensive models may not have pre-installed cameras, so you’ll have to get it on your own.

These cameras can reduce the risk by making it easier to drive. Plus, parking also becomes less painful since you can see what’s behind on the screen with the help of a rear view camera.

This is the job of a rear view camera that shows you what’s behind on your computer screen. This way the risk of scratches or running into other objects is also greatly reduced.

Moreover, dash cameras can offer added safety. They are installed in the front on the dash.

3. Redesign Roads

An interesting fact is that US roads were built from scratch in the 1950’s and most haven’t had major upgrades except for a few. Still, there are many roads that need attention and repairing.

Working on these roads and getting rid of issues can help reduce accidents.

4. Avoid Driving When Drunk

Drunk driving is a crime for a reason – it can kill you and harm others as well. Almost all countries have banned drunk driving and take strict actions against culprits.

The punishments involves jail time, license cancellation and heavy fines. If you want to avoid such punishments and also stay safe then make sure never to get behind the wheel if you are drunk.

You can call a taxi or have someone else drive you around when you have alcohol or any drug in your body. If you believe your alcohol consumption is becoming a problem seek help ASAP. There are some great alcohol rehab programs in Washington state that might be perfect for you.

5. Follow Traffic Rules

Always follow traffic rules. Some simple rules are:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • White lines are to separate traffic lines that are for the traffic moving in the similar direction.
  • Yellow lines are to separate traffic which is headed towards opposite direction.
  • Avoid crossing yellow lanes.
  • Double check your side mirrors and back mirror before making a turn.
  • Minimize the use of honks as they can also cause accidents by creating panic and confusion.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Use car signals to notify others of your turns.
  • Don’t use your phone while driving.
  • Obey all rules.

It is important that you take these tips into consideration so that you can help reduce road accidents.

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