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2018: A Bear Market For Cryptocoin Holders! Find A Brilliant Solution Below

The crypto fever has been running high ever since it was invented and launched (except for the initial time period). When it comes to trading, either in a fiat market or a crypto market, potential traders wait for the bull market, so that they can hit a smooth ride and win the game. An experienced trader is the one who will come out on top, regardless of the market situation. If you see a trader who is happy and hopeful, even during the bear market, you can be sure that he is beating the challenges.

An insight into the 2018 bear market for crypto coin holders

Why is there buzz around 2018 being a bear market for the crypto market? It is because the king of cryptocurrency, ie. Bitcoin has gone down to USD6k from USD20k within the span of a couple of months. After a lot of research, debates, and case studies, the following are considered to be the possible reasons for this:

  • Rising rate of scandals.
  • Extreme criticism, negative buzz, and image-damaging news.
  • Fall of the stock market.
  • Due to all these rumors, no-one actually agreed to buy Bitcoin.

As we have mentioned already, there have been continuous debates on why Bitcoin was falling in price right after it surged, breaking all its past records. Some say that its lowering intrinsic value has caused the fall. Now the concern is, in situation like this, what would be the smoothest way out? A bear market can occur at any time, although sometimes it is quite easy to predict. Mostly, it breaks all of a sudden, resulting in panic and anxieties.

How can a bear market be an opportunity to make a fortune?

It is believed that any fool can make fortune in the bull market, however, bear markets are the ones that test your brilliance, emotions, patience, and presence of mind. You actually get to gain some field knowledge and eventually become a true trader.

Usually, investors share a common perception when it comes to surviving a bear market and they decide to sell their holdings at a loss before the market hits its lowest. However, this has never been a smart solution. A bear market is periodic. It passes with time and implies certain core methods and marketing. But, the situation needs to be handled regardless of how long it’s going to last.

2018 has been described as a bear market for Bitcoin holders, as the price has fallen dramatically and is now increasing at a tortoise speed. In a situation like this, you had better seek out airdrops. Airdrops make a great choice even during a fiat bear market. Let’s have a quick look at certain key factors of ‘bear market’ and ‘what is the best way to survive’ other than selling out the holdings. Some biggies from the world of finance have always advised not to sell out but look to creating a safety net instead. For instance, a bear market is considered an opportunity to buy some more similar assets while the price is low and wait until the current market conditions ease up. Secondly, you can invest in some government bonds, but these are outdated options. The latest minds advise you to collect airdrops as it requires no investment but gives you an opportunity to make a fortune.

Why should you consider collecting airdrops when it’s a bear market in the crypto world?

Airdrops are the latest buzz in the industry. Anything that is free of cost always entices the public and crypto tokens make good assets. If you could make your way into some gainful airdrop programs, you can perhaps survive a bear market situation in the smartest way. You won’t have to look for a suitable trade to sell your cryptocoins or regret if the situation eases up right after you have sold them at a loss. Yet, collecting airdrops is not as easy as it might sound here. There are certain conditions, brought out by each ICO. Your proceeds becomes seamless when you really know how to invest in an ICO and you choose a suitable one.

Where can you find the reputed upcoming ICOs with airdrops?

Here, you can help yourself out by sourcing yourself a reputed ICO and airdrop listing sites. Currently, the airdrop listing sites creating the most buzz in the industry are & It lists all the upcoming ICOs with airdrop programs, which already hold glorious past records in the crypto industry. Some of the upcoming ICOs with airdrops are as follows:


By collecting airdrops during a crypto bear market, you will not only survive a situation, but also make a fortune. It is possible to wait for the collected free crypto tokens’ price to surge and turn the whole game around. All you need to do is stay calm and search for airdrops to collect when we are in a crypto bear market, rather than selling your coins at loss.

Airdrops are the best way to increase your portfolio, according to M. Christensen founder of

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