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Top wedding trends to watch out in 2018

No matter how unique and good is wedding décor or how magnificent and expensive your wedding dresses are, if food is not good in the wedding then you are not going to earn points or good comments from your guests. So, along with savory menu it is important that you should consider some latest trends for your wedding, if you really want to make your wedding talk of the town. There are many Tennessee wedding venues that can make your day even more special and memorable.

But, thanks to Instagram and Pinterest because of which weddings across the board have reached a peak with over saturated trends. From repetitive florals, décor and tabletop to cheesy accessories there are many wedding trends which you will see in 2018 weddings but in a reinvented way.

Top wedding trends of 2018

Here are some of the top wedding trends of 2018 which you can consider making a wedding more lavish, classy and unique:

1. Destination wedding embracing local culture

One of the top wedding trends of 2018 is having a destination wedding which will embrace local culture. This is an easy way of making your destination wedding special and unique. In fact, you can hire best wedding planners in Jaipur if planning to tie a knot in historical Mahal of Jaipur or in 5-star hotels.

There are many other exotic destinations which you can prefer as per your budget. The best part of having a destination wedding planned by jandaevents.com.au is you will get to learn local customs and traditions which can be incorporated in your wedding functions.

2. Flower crowns

This favoured hair accessory is no longer feminine and sweet for which it was loved. But, instead has become funky, stylish and classy. Well, if you are obsessed with headpiece then can reinvent and create a minimalistic wreath which can be used on flower girls rather than for bridesmaids. But, it is a must that you should do to an effortless crown which will make you look more beautiful. You can learn these skills with flower arrangement classes for beginners singapore.

You can weave headpiece delicately into to our hair and place where any other adornments typically be. Stick to a smaller scale and petite blooms rather than choosing an oversized wreath. Try to incorporate minimal colour and just like you choose wedding jewellery according to skin tone, choose such tones which will complement hair texture and tone.

3. Paper stationary

One of the latest wedding trends which are coming this year is paper wedding stationery including invitations as well. More of a card and less of a letter, some couples even prefer to add the more personal touch to it.

Handmade papers are one of the best options which you can prefer for your wedding invitation cards. A trend of beautiful papers can be filtered through to receptions in form of flowing calligraphy with beautifully soft settings. A key feature of these papers stationary is torn edges and natural fabrics.

4. More bright and vibrant colours

Wedding planners in India suggests using bright and vibrant colours for floral arrangements in 2018 weddings. Yes, 2018 weddings will incorporate more dark and textured flowers.

In 2017, you must have noticed lush and soft flowers will greenery, but darker shades are trending these days which will make an appearance more memorable. It will give dramatic look to your wedding and some of the popular shades which you can enjoy include wine, mauve, lilac and lavender colour.

5. Health food

Yes, you heard it right! Health food is latest wedding trends of 2018 and has caught the attention of wedding industry. Despite wedding being a function for indulgence, there will be few guests who stick to health food and keep on looking for health food. For such health-conscious guests, these days many caterers are offering the menu which includes items like roasted nut chaat, veggie wraps, gourmet salads and much more.

So, make sure that caterers should add healthy food items in wedding menu. Some couples also prefer using fresh farm organic items for preparation of food items in their wedding menu. Through this way, one can satiate easily their guest’s taste buds keeping their tummies happy.

6. More intimate wedding

Another trend that you will get to see in 2018 is more intimate and small weddings. Most of the couples opt to leave out such relatives which they have not seen for several years.

Choosing intimate gatherings with such people that matter to you helps the most in cutting down the cost and time which will be taken to cater large crowd.

7. Customized beverages

These days, many couples like adding a personal touch in their wedding functions by including some beverages which are their friends and family members favourite. In order to make it sound good and special, they even give beverages some unique name like bridesmaids bubbly, grandma special ginger tea and more.

So, you can ask loved ones about their preferences and assign them some unique name to have trendy beverage bar in your wedding. Take help of best catering service and have customized beverages for your wedding.

Thus, these are some of the most amazing wedding trends that you might see in the year 2018 & you can use some of the ideas to make your wedding exciting too, if you are getting married this year only!

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