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2018 Icon Price Predictions

What is Icon?

Icon is known as the “Korean Ethereum.” Through the use of its loop chain technology, Icon plans on making the largest decentralized network in the world.

Icon works by using its high performance blockchain to conduct transactions. But, it’s loop chain technology takes the users score and the quality of the blockchain into consideration. Because of this, it makes the deployment of smart contracts easier while also evaluating the users who use its platform.

What makes Icon interesting is that it has partnerships with hospitals, insurance companies, universities and established financial institutions. As a result, we can see that the project is becoming fully developed and is great for users to use if they want an alternative to Ethereum’s platform.

So in this post, we’ll give our insights on Icon Price Prediction. This is to help you see how far it came since its development while also giving insights as to what factors will affect its future performance.

So let’s start!

Icon Price Prediction

Icon’s current price is at $2.20. This is a 1.21% increase from its previous price. Since the market is in a bull state, we can expect more growth from this coin.

Since Icon is built on Ethereum’s platform, its value is highly dependant on the coin’s value. This means that if Ethereum drops, then the value of Icon will drop as well. Fortunately, Ethereum’s growth rate has been growing at a steady rate, which can also be said the same for Icon’s growth.

We predict that it’s price is going to increase within the following years. If it’s yearly rate was to grow at speeds similar to the internet, then Icon’s price would reach up to $35.81 by 2024. So we’ll have to see how it performs in the near future.

What’s the Future for Icon?

Icon’s future is great as they are already a strong ICO project with a good foundation. Since it’s already partnered with a myriad of businesses, the only thing it needs to focus on is developing their platform and making it appealing to their audience.

Let’s take a look at the trending charts that show Icon’s trend based on region and search results. Based on the search result trends, Icon has remained pretty stable. Icon has reached a peak on November 5th, 2017, and its price has remained at a stable rate afterward.

When looking at its regional trends, we can see that Icon has gained the most interested in China and other Asian regions. But, it’s also gained interest within other areas of the world as well. Once it gains traction in other countries such as Africa and increases its exposure in the US, that’s when we’ll start to see a large increase in their overall value.


To conclude, the icon price prediction shows that this project does have potential. It’s up to Icon’s staff, investors, and the people using the platform to determine how the value will change in the future. But as far as things are going, Icon is on the right track.



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