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The Best Camcorders for YouTube Video

Imagine you are in the year 2004, you had a dinner party at your place and you recorded that whole event. Now what? You would definitely want to share that video with your friends who were unable to attend that dinner party, right? Here comes the problem, you do not know any such platforms where you are able to share that huge sized video. This is the same kind of problem faced by the founders of YouTube- Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. So they invented YouTube by the domain name “” on February 14th in the year 2005. Later it was acquired by Google in the year 2006.

YouTube, a platform where nearly everyone can showcase their talent without spending extra money on video professionals and other stuff. All you need is a good camcorder and some video editing skills, that’s it. Once your content starts to earn audience appreciation that is the point where your YouTube career starts. A great example is “Justin Bieber”, a kid who became a celebrity, a pop sensation through the YouTube platform. Not only Mr. Bieber but there are also other remarkable examples out there, where they changed their life with YouTube. I do not need to say how popular is YouTube nowadays but the statistics say that about 1.5 billion live users visit YouTube monthly from around the globe.

In this current digital era, every young individual dream of pursuing a full-time YouTube career, being inspired by successful you tubers. And of course, the Google AdSense plays another big role in drawing young individuals towards YouTube. So if you are one of the dreamers, then probably you need to look for a good camcorder for recording your YouTube videos.

The combination of a video camera and a videocassette recorder is called a camcorder as its name suggests. It is an electronic device, where its prime objective is to capture and record videos. There are also some exceptional camcorders out there that have more advanced features than the common ones.

If you are imagining how the earliest camcorders looked like, well they were tape-based ones and recorded analogue signals onto the videocassettes. Soon the era of digitalization in the camera world started. In 2006, the tape was replaced by storage media such as mini-HD, internal flash memory, micro DVI, and SD cards. If you are to purchase a camcorder then you must know that a camcorder has three major components- lens, imager and recorder.

  • The lens is responsible for aperture, zoom, shutter speed, gain and neutral density filter.
  • The imager converts light into an electrical signal and the recorder supplies the video signal onto a recording medium, such as magnetic videotape.

Camcorder fields

Well, there are no such specific fields for the usage of a camcorder but, the highlighted fields are entertainment, media, home video, education and politics.

Camcorder vs. smartphone

In today’s date, there are so many high-end smartphones out there in the market, where some phones have a maximum of 40 megapixels camera along with dual-flash or AI-powered. But you need to know that the primary function of a smartphone camera is to capture still photos or for photography like the DSLR cameras. The smartphone companies are trying their best to make their phone camera better than a DSLR camera but not better than a camcorder.

Limitations of using a smartphone to record YouTube videos

  • Annoying limits of recording length.
  • Most of the time wide angle video recording is unavailable.
  • Zooming noise of lens can be problematic.
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark.

Advantages of using a camcorder for recording YouTube videos

  • There are no recording limits, can be recorded for 2 to over 10 hours on many camcorder models, depending on the video quality chosen.
  • Editing software can be easily used to provide a professional finishing touch to your YouTube videos.
  • The quality of the sound is great; no need to use an external mic but occasionally needed because of the weather conditions or when recording something in the middle of a crowd.

You may not find some of the cool advanced features in some of the low priced camcorders, like those sold under the title of “Best camcorder under $200”. Make sure to check your required feature is available or not when you are purchasing such camcorders.

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Top Five Camcorders to look

You may find lots of models of different brands in the market and at some point, it must be difficult for you to choose your weapon (camcorder). So to save you from your dilemma I have picked top 5 camcorders to choose from, let’s have a quick look.



Highlighted Features:

  •    High-quality carl Zeiss zoom lens with 27x true optical zoom and a digital zoom of 54x
  •    Small and lightweight hence easy to carry.
  •    Image Stabilization.
  •    Quick auto-focus.
  •    Good video quality in low light environment.


The absence of an auxiliary mic input for a wireless lavalier or a socked boom is a major drawback of this camcorder.


Highlighted Features:  

  •    Playback is either from the camera or SD card.
  •    Anti-shake feature.
  •    Light and easy to carry.
  •    Last but not the least- budget friendly.


  •    An actual zoom lens is not available, zooming is done digitally.
  •    Image stabilization is not that good.


Highlighted Features:

  •    High-resolution sensor
  •    Excellent lens with 57x optical zoom range.
  •    Effective image stabilization.
  •    A supplementary lens can be added.
  •    Auxiliary microphone jack available.
  •    Easy to operate.

For this camcorder, there are no such major drawbacks.


Highlighted Features:

  •    High quality 20x zooming lens.
  •    Panasonic’s excellent imaging sensor.
  •    Built-in microphone.
  •    HDR recording mode.
  •    Dual camera recording.
  •    Wi-fi
  •    Built-in light.

The HDR mode is very useful when making YouTube videos as this mode increases the dynamic range of any scene.


The major drawback of this camcorder is the battery life. Due to the built-in light feature, the battery power runs out very soon. So if you are purchasing this model then you need to make sure that the battery is fully charged always or carry an extra battery if you are in remote locations.


Highlighted Features:

  •    4k video recording.
  •    Wide angled Carl Zeiss lens.
  •    Has a viewfinder besides the view screen.
  •    Has a great optical image stabilization called Balanced Optical Steady Shot (B.O.S.S)
  •    iAuto setting available.


  •    The SD card or memory stick gets occupied faster due to 4K recording.
  •    The price is a bit high compared to the previous models.


The question is if you are a beginner at the YouTube platform then what kind of camcorder should you choose from the above options?  High quality, low price or bunch of features? All the confusion lies within this three terms.

I would suggest that, if you are thinking of making your debut into the YouTube world then go for the camcorder from low to mid-range prices. Don’t go for the costly ones at the initial stage. According to me, it would be a logical choice. If I were you, then the camcorders I would pick from the top 5 camcorders are the SONY HDRCX405 model and the CANON VIXIA HF R70 model.

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