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Future Factories: How the Electronic Manufacturing Is Evolving the Smart Way [Infographic]

Since the industrial revolution, electronics manufacturers have consistently tried to optimize the production process to create products rapidly and cheaply. Though outsourcing allowed companies to save millions before, the cost of production in traditionally affordable countries such as China and Mexico are now rising. Add to this an unpredictable global economy, increasing prices of fossils fuels, and a dynamic global market.

It seems the only sustainable solution to this problem is “Smart Manufacturing.” Fortunately, with the rapid advancements in various disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing, the electronics manufacturing sector is quickly moving towards smart manufacturing.

The fusion of physical and virtual worlds through cyber-physical systems (CPS) is making it increasingly possible to build fully-integrated and collaborative manufacturing systems that can adjust to the changing market conditions in real-time. These systems rely on a vast amount of data collected from various sensors to create automated actionable insights. Though this integration is still in its infancy, it is bound to play a significant role in automating complex tasks in the future.

The following infographic will provide you with the detailed information on how smart manufacturing will dominate electronics industry including the relevant statics and facts.

Infographic source: Sophisticated Technologies Shaping The Future of Electronics Manufacturing [Infographic]

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