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How to Measure Productivity at Your Office [Infographic]

If you ever worked in a restaurant (especially fast food) or in a factory, you know that one of the prime ways that you’re being judged is by how fast you are—how many tables you turn or clean up, how many units you produce, whether you can keep up with whomever has been judged the fastest.

That’s one measure of productivity, to be sure, but it’s not one that can easily translate into many businesses today. That’s because so many companies don’t produce something in the traditional sense: You aren’t clearing a table or cutting out widgets. You’re answering calls or soothing someone who is angry. You’re pitching someone on an idea, in the hopes that it turns into business later on. In those types of businesses, then, how do you measure productivity? How do you decide who is doing well and who can improve? This graphic helps explain it.

Infographic credits: ZeroCater

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