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Top 5 Online Tools for Students to Make an Effective Presentation

When it comes to success, people wonder what to do to receive the maximum appreciation. Well, speakers fail in many scenarios. On other occasions, you have experienced an irrelevant and confusing presentation and wonder about creating the best final one. Therefore, students need to forget about old-fashioned PowerPoint presentations. All in all, it is high time for students to wow the audience and keep their attention with good speeches, presentations, and any other engaging work.

So, the below tools, which are highly recommended by experts from, will enable you to create an excellent presentation to engage your audience.


Prezi is a current presentation tool that enables students to apply the concept of zoom with excellent transitions to new spaces on one slide. The app makes speakers develop new styles with effects following a Pathway Points concept which differs from the common cinematic appeal of PowerPoint presentation. Prezi app is available online and applicable on various devices hence students can share with no cost. Furthermore, Prezi is also cloud-based that give better visualization consequently captivates to the audience. Moreover, learning Prezi presentation is more comfortable as it provides a pathway concept to follow.

Students using Prezi have the freedom to visually show relationships between ideas especially on the non-linear presentation and connect multiple topics with great pictures. The tool enables users to apply multimedia, charts, and graphs among others. Separately, the tool allows students to collaborate on one particular presentation at the same time.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck tool is a modern, beautiful and straightforward decks that reveal slides in standard and presentable sizes without congestion. Haiku Deck is a form of template that creates room for choices in more than thirty models. The tool is easier to use with a fast onboard process which usually focuses on graphics and imagery within the minimal usage of words in every slide. Besides, Haiku Deck enables students to customize the slideshows to deliver the best presentation to the audience. The tool is free hence the students can access over 35 million images with six themes of presentation. Such themes offer additional premium themes and pictures for purchase. Also, writers who use Haiku Deck tool are free to use charts and graph built-in tools and display the information. One technique that separate Haiku Deck from other presentation tools is the tons of presentation with the option of making the slideshow private, public or restricted to few audience.

Keynote for iCloud

Keynote for iCloud is a tool that is a web-based. Students using the app should have the Apple Account. The tool helps in opening the PowerPoint notes, gives an array of tons and templates for designing an excellent presentation from scratch. Furthermore, students can easily upload media, photos, graphs, and charts. Additionally, the tool has an inbuilt editor. Separately, speakers can use transitions, themes, styles in their presentation with a good look. Also, the tool allows speakers and students to present from any computer with a browser. The keynote speeches for the app are online with web editing tools to enable its effectiveness for presentation. Keynote comes with 30 themes for pre-stocking of photos and presentation. Lastly, students can share and are user-friendly.


SlideShare tool provides a directory for students to categorize presentations and documents for easier access, reading, and sharing. SlideShare tool enables students to design and share presentations. Besides, the tool finds its application in by business students. The tool makes speakers, writers, and students embed easily in websites and share videos, audio.  SlideShare is easy to develop with the option of uploading a presentation and documents. However, it requires other programs to give an excellent presentation.

Google Slides

Google Slides follows the platform of PowerPoint with simplicity and ease of use.  Students love Google Slides as an alternative to the PowerPoint due to its similar features to the PowerPoint. The tool offers a dynamics of images, transitions, themes and other refreshing aspects. Students, speakers, and writers who use Google Slides collaborate with others on the real-time platform. Furthermore, the users store the presentation online, on Google Drive for quick retrieval from any computer or any device that operates online. Besides, the tool enables students to embed images, graphs, videos, and charts. Also, the tool allows students to convert and edit other PowerPoint files in either offline or online basis. Elsewhere, Google Slides is easy to use, free with the freedom of control with no specific design preferences for the slide styles and transitions as well as themes.


In a nutshell, becoming a good speaker or presenter requires skills for engaging the audience. One such technique that a student should use is a presentation to convey ideas, especially to the visual audience. The current class presentations using PowerPoint from Microsoft become dull and absurd with no dynamics for illustration of the points. Don’t you think it is time to create a lasting impression on your audience?

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