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7 Ways to Prepare Your Child for the High Tech World

Our children are growing up in a world where technology is changing on a daily basis. The technology that our children use today will be long obsolete by the time they are adults. We must prepare our children to use the latest in technology and help them learn to adapt quickly as technology changes. Additionally, we must make sure they are safe and responsible. Read on for some coding for kids ideas that help your child succeed in a high tech world.

1. Teach Your Child How to Learn

Probably the most important skill a child living in today’s world can have is the ability to learn. It is not enough for a child’s head to be filled with knowledge. The world is changing quickly and in order to be successful, you have to be able to keep up. Your child has to be taught how to learn. Your child needs to know where and how to look for new information and how to teach himself or herself a new skill. Involve your child in the learning process. Don’t simply teach a new skill, but get your child to teach it to himself or herself.

2. Teach Coding Early

Where once computer languages were reserved only for those in the computer science fields, now coding is becoming essential for more and more jobs. Many argue that coding may one day be as important as reading or writing and almost everyone will need to know programming language.

As with any other language, we learn best when we are young and our brains our still plastic. Do not wait until your child is older to cultivate an interest in coding. Start in the preschool years. There are many apps and toys on the market that can get your kids thinking with a coding mindset even at a young age.

3. Teach Problem-Solving Skills

We do not yet know what types of problems our children will be facing in the future, but we can equip them to deal with any problem that may arise. It is important that children begin to learn problem solving skills at a young age.

To develop these skills at home, play games with your child, particularly games involving strategy. Ask your child thought problems and discuss solutions together. Imagine your child is one day faced with a problem with, for example, cloud data security. Problem-solving skills can help him or her come up with a solution.

4. Encourage Creativity

When it comes to using technology in the future, children will need to be creative. As computers grow more intelligent, they will require more than input and output. Develop creativity now through arts, music and storytelling. These skills will help your child in using future technology.

5. Use Multiple Platforms

Children will need facility with a variety of platforms, from Mac OS to Windows to Linux and a variety of devices. Explore these platforms with your child and give him or her an opportunity to use and learn each. As technology advances and platforms change, your child will be able to easily adapt to whatever device or platform is required.

6. Make the Most of Screen Time

While you should limit the amount of time your child uses any sort of electronic device, you also want to make sure the time spent in front of a screen is enhancing your child’s abilities with technology. Encourage your child to use educational apps.

7. Teach Responsible Use of Technology

Make sure your child knows the importance of being responsible with technology and remind him or her of the dangers of the internet. Also remind your child that once he or she posts something, it is permanent.

The future may seem unpredictable, but with the right mindset, your child will not have to worry about one day finding a job. With a few skills and a desire to keep learning under his or her belt, your child will be ready for whatever the future of technology holds.

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