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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can Recover Even your Lost Backup

Both personal and official files needs to be regularly backed-up to ensure that you can recover your data if there is any kind of data loss. When it comes to personal data, the backup is usually an external hard drive or a USB or pen drive. Professional data may be stored in these drives in some cases, but usually servers are considered the more reliable alternatives. But even the most secure server is vulnerable to accidental errors or malware attacks. So whether you have personal or professional data, data recovery is an important concern.  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an easy to use program designed for recovering data from any type of storage medium or device.

Recover Data from Any Storage System

With this data recovery software you can get your lost data back from any type of storage system as long as you can connect it through your PC or Mac.

  • PC: This data recovery software can be used for recovering lost data from a PC, laptop, or Mac. Just choose the right version (Windows or Mac) and you can recover your files lost due to formatting, deletion or virus attacks.
  • Drives: Raw partition or lost partition is a common cause of data loss on hard drives and SSDs. Many times your trusted external hard drive can give way, jeopardizing your backup files. As long as the drive is not physically damaged, you can use this data recovery software to get your data back. Thus, it works as your last resort, when your backups and anti-software programs have failed to protect your data.
  • Portable Storage Mediums: USB drives, pen drives, and memory sticks are commonly used as backup medium, especially for data like photos, documents, and audio/video files. But these storage systems are highly vulnerable to corruption and malware attacks. This photo recovery can also recover lost data from these storage mediums.

You can use this program even to recover data from your smartphone and tablet.

Recover your Database Files

It is essential to maintain backup of database files from company software. It is always recommended to save your backups on highly secure servers. But even the most secure servers are vulnerable to malware attacks or data corruption due to many reasons. Data loss may also result from accidental deletion. However, using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can provide you peace of mind that your database backup can be recovered if all your security measures fail.

Efficient Photo Recovery

Perhaps more photos have been captured and saved in this century than ever before. Each individual can have a repository of thousands of image, stored on their computer system, external hard drives, USB drives and smartphones. No matter whether you are storing your photos on a computer or your smartphone, losing those images could mean being unable to cherish those memories.

This software can also help you with photo recovery, no matter what is the cause of the data loss – as long as the storage medium is not damaged in a physical way. You can get your lost photos even from a digital camera.

It can be used to recover different types of data lost due to any reason including:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard drive failure
  • Formatting
  • Raw partition or partition loss
  • Malware attack
  • Operating system error or crash

Thus, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is your one-stop data recovery solution. When all your data security and backup systems and procedures fail, you can rely on this software to get your data back. It is also extremely easy to use. There is no need for previous experience in recovering data and the interface will take you through all the steps.

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