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Support Your Salon and Spa Business Using Technology

Technology is already part of our daily activities that even in the slightest thing we do, like making a cup of coffee already involves technology. In today’s fast changing world, it is necessary that we are able to keep up with the technology involved in our business. To further elaborate, you should be aware that each business demands unique necessities and as the owner, you should be able to identify and carefully pick the best technological software that will fit your demands and is suitable for your desired business.

In this article, the following types of technologies are listed for the sole purpose of serving as a helping hand that will support different types of business, more specifically in the field of salon and spa business growth and success.

For people planning to start a salon and spa business, the following are different technological software that can offer support and ease in operating your business:

Take Advantage of Cloud-based Software

Cloud based system offers immediate access to software and other applications whenever you need it by storing and assessing sensitive data online instead of using a computer’s hard drive. This type of software protects and avoids losing important documentation, transactions, and data due to hard drive anomaly while being readily accessible by using the internet. It also gives a great deal because, in cloud base software, you can create different roles for different users.

In addition, the main host has the full control over the life cycles with audit logs. It can also take the responsibility from developers in securing the storage of passwords, sensitive files, and business transactions. This is a helpful tool not only in your salon and spa business but also in other types of establishments.

Having a Responsive Mobile Apps

The continuous influx of mobile devices furnishes a clear and uninterrupted communications ensuring a rapid provision of information. However, mobile devices don’t stop in just offering a connection to other people but it also gave birth to the use of mobile applications that were designed to fulfill a particular purpose as a self-contained program or as a software.

Create a responsive mobile app that can inform customers about your latest products, special updates, and trend news. You can also use mobile apps in salon and spa appointments and scheduling, as well as allow your clients to make their payments securely through the app. In addition, mobile apps can be connected to the main host of the cloud-based system to assign roles to the employee and make its management easy and less hassle.

Using Management Software

The management software is carefully designed to simplify the complexity of running a business. It also promotes facilitation of the employee’s unity as well as in their management, scheduling, task assignments, and even in budgeting! Using the management software is very effective to all types of business.

  • Appointment scheduling software a systematic software that can help in easy means of client’s scheduling as well as tracking the already set appointments. In addition, connecting it with your mobile app can establish the idea that your spa and salon business is a readily accessible service to your clients.
  • Inventory software – is a powerful tool that can help you in monitoring your product’s sales and will keep you on the track of your stock’s inventory that is helpful because it can decrease the work load of the manager in salon and spa business. This software also automatically syncs all of your point of sales that can keep the record always updated.

Using Financial Software

Financial software is designed to help your business in managing all of your finances, as well as in your other accounting needs. It features various money managements and tax software that can help in spa and salon business’s finance.

  • Accounting software – cloud based software serves as the main base that will connect all of your financial records to make sure it is automatically updated and it can also connect the accounting software to your existing online bank account. This software acts as the secretary of your business that will maintain the general ledger with all documentations and transactions updated, organize, and surely recorded.
  • Merchant processor – works as a third party processor that makes other means in accepting payments via credit card or bank debit card transaction that is usually done online. It allows your business to make an online spa or salon products ordering and purchasing while making it easy for your customers to pay.
  • Point of sale (POS) – this system captures data and customer payment information as well as transactions using a variety of devices including computers. The system allows you to charge the customers while keeping a detailed record of sales that can be used to make smart business decisions in the future.
  • Payroll software – it is the owner’s responsibility to monitor and compute the total amount of money an employee needs to be paid, but with the use of payroll software in your salon and spa business, you can now easily track each of your employee’s work hours and received tips.
  • Bill payment software – bill payment can now be done effortlessly with the aid of this software that can keep track of all the bills while making sure it is paid on time.
  • Receipt app – is an application that can help you in easy way of inputting all outside transactions you made. It will instantly send the soft copy of your receipt to other software for the purpose of detailed and proper documentations of all the transactions.
  • Cloud document storage – this file storage software offers an organized and safe place to store all important documents related to your business. It is done online, thus, you have an immediate access to your file whenever you want.

Using Marketing Technology

Marketing is the business of promoting and selling your products and offers services but in a tight business competition, you can outmost them by using the advanced system of marketing technology. The key factor in being on top is the full knowledge of how to utilize everything you can manage to use appropriately and properly, including the following basic technologies:

  • Build Website – website is a site connected to the internet that contains one or more pages that contain information about the business and a unique way of showcasing a salon and spa business on the internet for the goal of attracting clients. This method is highly effective in teaching out a number of people and makes sure that your website links with your scheduling software so it can be another means of making an appointment.
  • Spread social media – is a crowded web-based flat form that allows people to connect socially online. It is a target market for salon and spa business and also to other business since it is a very interactive flat form that makes it easy in reaching out to the people so you can share pictures, videos, and other information about your business and encourage people to pay you a visit.
  • Create Email – email marketing is a kind of direct digitalized marketing that uses an e-mail as the method of communication in marketing delivery. The use of an email in marketing strategy lies in building customer’s loyalty to your spa and salon business, just make sure that your customers continuously receive emails about the special offers to remind them to book an appointment or pay your spa and salon a visit.

Here are some references that you can use on setting up your marketing technology:

And more….

With all the main and basic technologies that were suggested to be included in your spa and salon business, here are the other technologies that you should consider in addition to support your business:

  • Music Streaming – an establishment is plain boring if it lacks music to makes it either relaxing or lively. Try to consider music streaming in your place to set the mood and achieve that tranquil room.
  • Mobile Controller App for lighting, sound, temperature – this may not sound like a necessity but trust me, it would be a wow-factor for the clients and may be one of the factors why they keep on coming back. Use a computer or a mobile app to control the lights, speaker, and thermostat.
  • Using iPad and Tablet – since the majority of the stuff to be done in your salon and spa business is run by a software with an internet connection, you can just provide a tablet or an iPad to access all the said software and make your business handy and inside a single device.

You see? Running a business is quite stressful but with the aid of these technologies, you can simplify even the most complex and time-consuming task. It is more reliable and less prone to calculation errors. The Internet is indeed a very versatile network that offers a never ending potentials and possibilities.


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