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4 Business Benefits to Using a Microsite

The internet is a messy place for marketers. With scores of cat videos and posts invading the web, brands have a harder time standing out. But just because everything online is being taken over by pets, doesn’t mean there is no hope for businesses that want to connect with consumers.

Enter the microsite. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. What is it and how will it help your business achieve some elbow room in the cluttered online marketplace? Well, it is basically a branded content site. What makes it different from a newsletter or any other branded platform of the type is that it requires its own domain name or URL.


As to how a microsite will benefit your business, take a look at these points:

1. Enhanced SEO


Since a microsite has its own URL, you can dedicate a separate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for it. You can use it to promote highly targeted keywords, or phrases that our audience uses to look for the products or services that you offer. For example, if you own a clothing franchise, you can optimize a microsite that is separate from your main websites to attract different audiences.

2. Targeted Promotions


Since a microsite is effective in attracting a highly targeted audience, it can help you in promotional campaigns as well. Focused content is a favorite for users looking for specific items. You can use a microsite to create an environment for an event or product launch which will increase anticipation. An example can be a microsite that promotes sale of the new iPhone 7 that you plan to sell in your stores in a few months.

3. Build a More Creative Design


A microsite is a great way for you to have a web presence that branches off from your main website. It gives you the chance to promote a new business persona which becomes even easier with a web page that is easy to manage or redesign.

Use the microsite to show off your skills and creativity. Add some well-placed interactive elements in the mix and you can make the experience more enjoyable for your users in less than half the time it takes you to do the same in a main website.

4. Flexibility


Since a microsite offers vital information at a glance, it is limited in size. However, this is exactly why it is quick to design and manage. Any changes to a major website move slower in comparison.

Since microsites design fast, they can also be launched or re-launched after you give it a few tweaks to get rid of any glitches. Not only does this offer you the flexibility you need to modify it when you require, it also represents an efficient use of resources.

A microsite can benefit your business in more ways that you know. They make it easier for business owners to attract audiences with highly focused messages and increase online visibility faster than they can with main websites. This is not to say that you should abandon main websites altogether. Use microsites to complement them instead.


Author Bio:

Anthony Carter is a professional web developer in a media company of USA. He has 8 years’ experience in the field of web design and development. Currently, he is developing a micro application for entertainment industry.

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