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Why to Use Big Data Solutions for Business Growth Opportunities

Big Data play a vital role for any business enterprise to sustain and succeed in this competitive business environment. Seeking this importance, business managers are paying more attention towards the utilization of Big Data services. Big Data allows you to filter high quality prospective clients from a huge collection of leads, who are really showing their interest in product of services that your business organization is offering. And as a result of this, your overall client conversion chances increases and will give a great boost to your business. All these facts implies that Big Data is one of the decisive business growth strategy that you can use for a successful business venture regardless of your organization’s strength.

The basic requirement for Big Data resources come from different channels like personal surveys, social media data, information from websites, news updates, CRM/ERP Solutions, sample distributions, etc. and all these resources are available in unstructured, semi-structured and fully structured format. This raw data can be easily compiled using various data analytic tools to convert this jumbled form of data into sensible information of prospective clients, which is used smartly to a significant boost to your business organization.

Various stats says that, on an average 40K queries have been searched on Google every second, which give you an idea about the approximate size of Big Data that have been created every single second. Various reputed data analytic brands like Cloudera, AbsoluteData, Convergytics, IBM, etc. provide quality data analytic tools and services which help to understand the exact behavior of the customer. All these tools and solutions give you a better insight of your customers recent behavior about your product or services, which is required to take robust decision making for your business.

A decade ago only big companies invest in Big Data analytic solutions to strengthen the growth of their business. But, now small and medium sized business organizations including various startups software development India firms are also taking the huge benefits of Big Data Solutions to give a significant boost to their business operations.

Below is an infographic with detailed information on the Impact of Big Data Services on Business Sales & Marketing.

Thanks to social technology platform FindNerd, for serving us with the info-graphics.


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