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Why WordPress is a great choice for eCommerce web development


WordPress has eventually evolved as an exceptional CMS for creating an appealing, responsive and extremely functional website. WordPress came into existence as a blogging platform but later got developed into a full-fledged CMS. WordPress sums up for nearly 26% of all the websites. This whooping number clearly indicates the expanding popularity of the CMS as a whole. The benefits of having this powerful CMS for your eCommerce website results into an increased visitor engagement and online sales.


Listed below are the top advantages that WordPress offers for developing functional eCommerce shops.

WordPress- A content-focused platform

Initially developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has got all the features to help websites rank higher on search engines. This, in turn, makes WordPress an SEO-friendly platform. Owing to its nature of acquiring higher visibility, WordPress counts as the foremost choice of website owners.

Whether you post a blog or article, WordPress immediately helps you create permanent links made up of keywords that search engines, love, thereby boosting search engine ranking.

WordPress offer Flexibility


WordPress allows developers to create multiple pages as per their own choices. The multilingual support and support for multiple domains make it even more favorable for CMS development. It also allows users to add custom content types which is easily done using the functionality of plugins.

WordPress is an easy to use platform


WordPress does not require involving an expert as it comes with an easy to use interface. It features a dashboard along with many inbuilt features using which one can embed audio, video, photo gallery in the post. Besides, it also features some advanced functionality like newsletter services, mailing lists, shopping cart features, discussion groups to create a full-fledged eCommerce store.

WordPress offers a plethora of eCommerce plugins


Known as one of the best CMS platforms, WordPress offers a large number of plugins that would extend the functionality in multiple ways. These plugins come with extra secure features and can be installed in just a few minutes. Some plugins are meant to add an extra layer of security while the others are aimed at enhancing the features and functionality. Google XML Sitemaps, WordPress form builder, Simple 301 Redirects and Google Analytics are a few to name.

WordPress supports multiple payment gateways


WordPress is highly acclaimed for supporting multiple payment gateways. There are a large number of payment gateway integration plugins that can be used to improve sales functionality and shopping carts. These plugins allow site owners to administer catalogs and orders as well as extend the functionality of store. The utilization of these plugins makes WordPress compatible with various payment gateways. It supports gateways like Google Checkout, Braintree, PayPal and many others. Other than facilitating a smooth and complete payment process, WordPress also offers a secured transaction.

Easy eCommerce integration


It is easy to integrate WordPress with eCommerce websites. When migrating from any other CMS to WordPress, there is no requirement of designing it from the initial stage. All you can do is installing a related plugin like Kickstart and WooCommerce which will help to develop an eCommerce website at an ease.

WordPress provides themes of various genres


WordPress themes allow developers to modify the look and functionality of a website. They can even be installed easily without modifying the content. WordPress themes are designed using standard PHP, HTML and CSS coding. Developers can easily install WordPress themes and get them uploaded via a FTP. There are free as well as premium themes available to develop custom based WordPress websites.

WordPress is an open-source platform


WordPress, being an open-source platform allows developers to easily modify the source code in multiple ways for an efficient web development process. Being an open-source application, it offers full control over the website.


WordPress has always been popular amongst websites that are content-driven and require few products to be released. However, owing to the functionality mentioned above, WordPress is highly recommended and perfect for those entrepreneurs who are looking forward to creating a successful online store. The availability of plugins for multiple features on the store makes WordPress a perfect pick for eCommerce web development. The robust plugin architecture of WordPress makes it easy and quick for developers to transform an ordinary store into a well-developed digital shop. With hundreds of themes, extensions, payment options, complete inventory management and support, WordPress is a perfect choice for any kind of eCommerce website.

WordPress simplifies the task of acquiring higher search rankings with the availability of multiple functionality. So, if you are looking forward to shifting to WordPress, just move ahead without any doubts letting cross your mind.


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