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Update for Final Fantasy 7 and Release News for FIFA 18

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most keenly anticipated games for the PS4, and fans of the Nintendo Switch also have some good news! One particular titbit of info in particular has been revealed, which is certain to pique owners of the Nintendo Switch’s interest.

Hints about Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The director of Final Fantasy 15, Hajime Tabata, recently started fans speculating about the possibility of a possible FF15 version for the Nintendo Switch. Although he stated that he was unable to confirm any details at the moment, he added that a certain console may be included, something along the lines of Twitch.

When he was asked later on about this clue, Tabata explained that his development team had been trying to discover what kind of specs the Nintendo Switch was able to provide. He revealed that while not all tests had been successful, those that had been performed on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity had performed well, and Unity has been used to power the recent Life is Strange: Before the Storm, published by Square Enix.

The Unreal Engine 4 is the one used to create the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the fact that Tabata confirmed that it managed to run on the Nintendo Switch has given fans hope that there could be a release coming their way in the near future.

FIFA 18 Could be the First Release of Many

The release of FIFA 18 may well be just the first of many EA Sports games to be launched for the Nintendo Switch. With these game consoles selling out as quickly as they are, and fans being very eager to play FIFA 18 on the go, EA Sports has stated that there is a possibility that the series will return at some point. This would then open the door for other EA games to be released for this console and this would be like hitting the jackpot at Riverbelle mobile casino!

Andrei Lazarescu Suggests the Possibility of FIFA on Switch

When he was questioned by fans about whether or not they could look forward to getting more FIFA games on Nintendo Switch, Andrei Lazarescu, the producer for EA Sports, informed Gamespot that he thought that it was very likely that more FIFA would be released for Switch in the future.

Lazarescu also believes that FIFA 18 is the finest portable version of the game that has ever been produced, no matter that the Switch version has had to make some sacrifices, one of which is the removal of The Journey story mode, which needs the Frostbite engine to run.

He added that The Journey, being powered by Frostbite, only exists because of Frostbite, and it is not possible to separate the two. He explained that the story mode could not simply be put on the Switch without the Frostbite engine being attached, and so the removal was necessary. What has given FIFA fans a tiny glimmer of hope for the future is that Lazarescu confirmed that it could well happen, if Frostbite ever came to Switch.

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