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Fridge Buyers Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Fridge

The refrigerators available today are more energy efficient than ever. They come loaded with many innovative technologies that extend the shelf life of food much longer compared with what was available to us a few years ago. There are so many designs, price ranges, and other options like display fridge for cold drinks that give us a wide array of choices⎯but this also means buying a refrigerator or commercial refrigeration is no longer an easy task.

To help you out, here is everything that you should know prior to buying a fridge:

1. Know the Dimensions

Pull out the measuring tape and figure out the dimensions of the space where you will place the refrigerator; and while shopping, be sure to match the dimensions with the one you buy. Always consider the space for doors to open freely and leave a few inches extra behind and above the unit so that air can properly circulate.

2. Figure Out How the Doors Open

When buying a refrigerator with a freezer above or below the fridge, figure out the opening direction of doors so that you can easily access it. Decide whether you want the doors to be opened in the right or left direction before the delivery of the fridge to your home.

3. Identify the Style

There are so many options available⎯which may cause buyers to be confused at times. This guide will help you in selecting the perfect style combination.

Refrigerators with Freezer on Top

  • Pros: You can easily place birthday cakes, large platters, and pizza boxes in it.
  • Cons: To get the products from the crisper bins, you will be required to bend.
  • Best for: These are best for people who consume lots of frozen food because they will be within range.
  • Look for: The refrigerators with adjustable glass shelves will offer maximum storage flexibility, contain spills, and are easier to clean.

Refrigerators with Freezer at Bottom

  • Pros: You will no longer be bending to pull out your fruit and other produce. Oversized items can also easily be accommodated.
  • Cons: Finding food in the freezer can be challenging, and it requires bending.
  • Best For: The lovers of fresh fruits and vegetables who don’t like bending to reach the produce drawers and don’t eat much frozen food.
  • Look for: Make sure that the freezer pulls out like a drawer so that you can see the contents at a glance. Even better, the model should have baskets to keep the frozen food organized.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

  • Pros: You can easily view both compartments, and no extra space is required for wide doors to open.
  • Cons: These have narrow shelves, so a super-sized item can’t be stored.
  • Best for: The families who equally use fresh and frozen foods often. They are best if any family member is physically challenged. It doesn’t require bending or standing on a stepstool, and both of the compartments can even be accessed from a wheelchair.
  • Look for: To maximize the shelf width, look for the largest fridge that can fit your kitchen.

Further, Consider the Following:

  • Avoid Smudges: Unless you don’t mind regular cleaning, the refrigerators with stainless steel finishes should be avoided because they clearly illustrate fingerprints. There are many refrigerators on the market that bear faux stainless-steel surfaces, which give similar looks but prevent prints.
  • Counter Depth: Many new models are shallow, and they provide a built-in look without renovating the kitchen or taking up too much space. They don’t cross countertops and are perfect for smaller kitchens. You will get a sleek, custom style, but note that the space for food storage will be diminished.
  • High-Tech Models: If you are willing to spend more, you can get a fridge with a digital picture frame or television on the door. In the future, fridges with internet access and docking stations for cell phones or MP-3 players are sure to be a feature of most homes.
  • Greater Flexibility: The new models of fridges feature multiple freezer compartments. You can organize food and put an end to the endless search for food items. Some units come with convertible drawers where the temperature can be set according to your needs. For example, if you want frozen or fresh foods, you can set it accordingly. Look for refrigerator drawers that can be used to increase or decrease the space.
  • Water and Ice: Before, ice and water dispensers were found in the doors of side-by-side refrigerators only. But now, almost all new models offer this feature. If your family uses ice or water regularly, these dispensers prove to be very convenient. However, they are susceptible to breaking, can be messy, and increase the purchase price, so you should make sure that you really need this feature before buying.

These are the main features you should consider while buying a new fridge. If you take into account these points, you will surely end up buying one of the best fridges for your kitchen. You’ll feel like a professional Appliance Reviewer, your family will be proud of you, and your neighbors might even be jealous!

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Sara is an expert reviewer and writer at Appliance Reviewer – a comprehensive and unbiased online guide, which helps readers to buy the right appliances for their home. She moved from Manchester to London where she studied electronics. At the same time, she was working as a freelance writer and also pursued her passion to be an independent interior designer. After graduating from university, she worked for over 10 years as an electronic engineer, consulting with some of the largest appliance manufacturers around the world. Sara has since joined the team at where she uses her vast knowledge of style and functionality to write about the best home appliances available on the UK market – Helping her readers to make an informed decision on their investment purchase without having to try each item first. When she isn’t writing or fixing things around the house, Sara can be found enjoying live music with her friends, or relaxing in front of the fire with her dogs.

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