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Cities Formed on Casino Industry

There are regions which have benefited hugely via legalization of commercial gambling. The casino industry stimulates a country’s economy through promoting tourism, creating jobs and increasing tax revenue.

The various cities formed on casinos

1. Macau (China)

It is the globe’s 2nd quickly growing economy and this is due to its casinos. You can read here top 10 casinos to find out how they influence an economy. In 2012 for alone, Macau’s gambling revenue increased by 13.5% to 303 billion Macau patacas.

Casinos in Macau have created many jobs as well. Around forty five thousand gambling related jobs have been created within the last 7 years. This has, in turn, lowered the rate of unemployment by two percent according to Associated Press (AP). Those jobs do not require one to have a high level of knowledge however they pay well, providing a salary often 30-40% higher than similar non-gambling jobs in Macau.

2. Las Vegas (USA)

It is a desert metropolis that was established on casinos and other types of recreation. Within only a century, Las Vegas has attracted a multitude of guests and trillions of dollars in fortune to southern Nevada. This city was created by ranchers and rail laborers but it immediately discovered that its main resource was never its springs but its gambling dens. It embraced old western style freedom (whoring and gambling) and this is what gave a perfect venue for East Coast planned crime.

Since 1940, revenue from drugs and racketeering established the best mobile casino and the best land based casinos. Guests came to partake in what the gambling places offer: a wave of fantasies and affordable luxury.

3. Atlantic (USA)

Atlantic City should not be ignored even if it has strived to captivate visitors as it used to in its heydays. It was established around the gambling industry and most tourists go there because of gambling. This city is a premier gambling location in the northeastern US and it attracts visitors from everywhere in the US.

4. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

This is a highly famous gambling place in Europe. It is located in the small principality of Monaco and its wealth and history resulted from the creation of casinos during the 19th century. Gambling in Monte Carlo cannot be compared with any other city and the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea definitely do not hurt.

5. London (England)

This is among the highly distinguished places in the globe for both societal and economic reasons. It has a surplus of casinos open to the gamblers and it is also noteworthy for the ones that are not open to the public. Classy establishments such as Ritz and Crockfords Club have strict rules regarding the people who should be allowed to gamble there.


Other cities formed on the casino industry include San Jose in Costa Rica, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore and many more. These cities are the best destinations to choose from if you want to hit a jackpot.

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