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Unclutter Your Life with Anchor Cable, the One Cable You Need

With all the gadgets lying around nowadays, we all know how hard it is to keep the little bit of organization when it comes to cables. USB, USB Type-C, Micro USB, Lightning – with so many different connectors, we need one cable for each device, leaving us completely cluttered. In addition, most of them are quite fragile, becoming useless soon after we buy them.

Now, all this can be avoidable with a new and innovative cable, which is the hot stuff in the cable market these days. Anchor Cable is a sturdy and multifunctional solution for everyone to use, built with stainless steel and with the possibility of being used with many devices.

Anchor Cable was developed by a team of young entrepreneurs who wanted to solve a problem: the constant and easy breaking of phone cables. In order to make this product available to the general public, they decided to open a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which was an astounding success. With less than 24 hours to go, an amount of over 20 times their initial goal of £10,000 has been collected, which is a clear indication of the product’s great potential in the market.

Built with stainless steel on the outside, Anchor Cable is so strong that it has lifetime warranty. Its inner wiring allows for fast charging and, thanks to the use of interchangeable magnetic tips, it can charge any device using USB-C, Micro USB or Lightning ports. It can also be coiled easily, thus making sure that tangling will not happen.

The team from Anchor Labs, the makers of this cable, provided more insight on the team and its goal:

“We are a team of passionate industrial designers. As many of you will also frustrated with our phone cable is breaking up after several months of use. we Decided to once and for all resolve this problem. We combined our experience in design and engineering and by implementing non-standard approach and materials we created a perfect cable the will last a lifetime. We are proud to present ANCHOR cable – the last cable you will ever buy. With your help, we can tackle the broken cable wire problem.”

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