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Splunk Security Tool to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

Smaller IT teams might not have efficient resources to manage security functions on a daily basis. Over the time, it leads to vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure.

One such threat, Ransomware attacks which broke out recently, have become increasingly common and complex threat for enterprises. It has been the hottest topic of IT, making headlines everywhere.

Due to the sensitivity and necessity of data, many times Ransomware attacks have been successful. In 2016 alone, $1 billion was acquired by cyber criminals via Ransomware. The popular targets of Ransomware, include IT Education, Government Entities, and Healthcare industry.

Ransomware – A Growing Threat


It is no longer just aimed at consumers, but the entire organization is prone to it, hence every department of an enterprise must be in a position to take an action against a Ransomware attack. There is a need for these institutions to make smarter, swifter cyber security responses.

Initiation of Splunk Tool:

Data can be extremely helpful in preventing cyber attacks when it is enabled with a tool. A Data Visualization tool analyzes and recognizes anomalies in networks. Enterprises can fight cyber attacks with the help of these data visualization tools. However, most of the businesses accept the fact that they don’t have any such tool or anti-virus software to protect against Ransomware.

Smaller organizations are most vulnerable to Ransomware attacks, at the same time, they are least able to afford the potential damage done to the business. Smaller IT organizations are generally constrained by budget and time.

Data Giant, Splunk, known for its real-time operational intelligence software allows customers to make sense from unstructured data. It has recently come forward to rescue the enterprises from the potential cyber and ransomware threats, with the initiation of a modern tool: Splunk Insights for Ransomware, with a main focus on smaller organizations.

To maintain security, it is essential to monitor the activities constantly, this is where Splunk Insights for Ransomware, proves its worth. Splunk Insights for Ransomware, is built on Splunk’s existing data analytics technology. It delivers organizations a complete analytics solution to manage ever-growing ransomware attacks. This software detects and handles cyber threats in real-time. This tool also streamlines the process of identifying and investigating ransomware indicators, especially for small enterprises.

Real-time attribute is the major element of Splunk’s protection software as it enables IT departments to identify and avert Ransomware.

Functions of Splunk Insights for Ransomware:

  • It is focused on smaller and understaffed IT organizations.
  • It is an operational intelligence tool that obeys user-based pricing model – customers are charged as per the number of users associated with an account.
  • It is a low-cost solution that offers centralized platform.
  • It enables security for the entire computer network.
  • It helps gain deeper analysis and leverage at a broad ecosystem of security and technologies.
  • It uncovers the key indicators of a ransomware attack.
  • It allows organizations to catch threats readily, with least investment.
  • It observes analytics-driven approach towards security.
  • It provides end-to-end visibility into probable ransomware activities.
  • Provides real-time insights for proactive assessments and rapid investigation of ransomware threats and phishing attacks.
  • It enables to search for the threat indicators across the system in a go.
  • Allows combat big problem of malware in real-time.
  • It helps identify gaps before and after an attack by ingesting event logs from various sources.
  • It retains a lot of expenses by streamlining the detection process.

Final Words…

In today’s IT landscape of evolving threats, it is essential to maintain security posture. Now, is the right time for enterprises to invest on Security Tech.

The latest bout of Ransomware attacks helps the companies grow the number of consumers. Solutions that constantly monitor these attacks play a critical role in saving time and cost of many institutions. With Splunk, security analysts can pivot and view new sets of data from a single source. Many enterprises are already employing the product, ahead of its release, to analyze data associated with security incidents.


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