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How does Chromecast work?

What is Chromecast? With the advance in technology and with the advent of the scientific know how, the streaming of entertainment on television sets is not a challenge anymore. However with the availability of various ways and means of doing the aforementioned and using the given technology may become complicated for certain people.

Google has made it easy for with its Google Chromecast which is a dongle like device which is plugged into the televisions HDMI port and with it the user can stream the media through Wi-Fi or mobile phone. With Chromecast, one can view movies, watch other videos, ads, TV shows on Television and sometimes the users may also be able to view web pages on their Television steps. There are also some alternative to Chromecast through which you can also take these benefits too which we will discuss later in the article.

What makes Chromecast stream to your Television?

As a part of the process to understand how does Chromecast work, we need to look at what makes Chromecast functional on the modern television.

  • To set up Chromecast, the user will have to either install a special app for the same or download an extension, whichever is more compatible with the media device being used for display.

  • Further the user can control the content by managing third party elements like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Chromecast is different from other gaming systems as it eliminates the usage of multiple devices to control the launch of the App. With the use of Chromecast, the content can be launched and played through one device and hence making the use of remote controls simpler and more effective.

But the question here remains, how does Chromecast work to make streaming simpler and if there are alternatives to Chromecast!

  • Google Chromecast uses the DIAL Service Discovery protocol, which allows the client to identify another DIAL server device running on the same network.

  • There is another component, which is known as the representational State Transfer service, which helps to access queries, launch and also halt the applications in use.

  • Chromecast acts as a server and the device will be the client, it can be anything a phone, tablet or a computer set.

  • The open communication channel allows the device to stream data even when the device is turned off.

What are the Services that work with Chromecast?

Initially during launch, Chromecast did not support many functions besides Netflix or YouTube. People could watch movies, stream videos, play games or listen to music, as time passed more and more interfaces became compatible with Chromecast like Vevo, Google Chrome, HBO Go, Google Play Music, Google Play TV & Movies, etc. Hence, with this we want to lay emphasis on the fact that how over a period of time, Chromecast has made access to entertainment simpler and more enjoyable.

It is important to know that how does Chromecast work, in order to understand its compatibility with various tools and devices. We also want to put forth the fact that for best results the users must use Chromecast with strong Wi-Fi facility and sometimes might be charges to avail certain services as well.

Setting up Chromecast

Understanding how to set up Chromecast is also a part knowing how does Chromecast work?

  1. The basic step is to have access to a Wi-Fi that is compatible with the Chromecast, in certain cases you might have to make slight changes with the Wi-Fi router.

  2. If the user faces issues with the Chromecast, they can go to Google’s Support Service to find a list of compatible routers and also a way to solve other issues which people might be facing.

  3. To connect the Chromecast to the television the USB needs to be inserted in the HDMI port of the Television by using the HDMI extender or even without it, which can be connected to the TV, either if there is no room for the device directly in the HDMI port or if you are having Wi-Fi reception issues.

  4. Once connected the TV screen will flash with “set me up” screen that requests you to visit the official site.

  5. The set up screen will also show you the Default Chromecast name. You need to download the Chromecast App from therein case you’re using asmartphone.

  6. The Chromecast app, will take you through several steps to set up a device.

  7. On connecting the phone to the Chromecast, a code appears on the TV and also on the launch device.

  8. Once you have selected the Home Wi-Fi and have also changed the password etc to personalize the Chromecast.

You may finish the set up.

The Alternatives to Chromecast

Although as we have seen and read that how does Chromecast work. We have understood that it is a highly effective way to stream content on Television. But we will also have a look at the available alternatives to Chromecast.

  • Roku Box: Roku box has number of options and models to choose from and is also costly. Roku stick can also be used as the Chromecast. It works as a flash drive and does not require any cable connections.

  • Apple TV: Apple TV is expensive and compatible with the iOS devices. Any data on one’s iPhone, Mac or iCloud can be viewed on the Apple TV. However it is not compatible with any Android or Windows devices.

  • Miracast: Miracast although works on similar lines as the Chromecast and can be considered as an alternative it isn’t a Dongle Miracast is made up of multiple devices and sometimes they might also be required to be fit in the Television sets and need direct Wi-Fi connection. The content of your mobile screen is directly viewed on the TV screen. It has a direct mirror effect.

  • Google TV: Uses multiple hardware as well as software to enable streaming through Smart TVs. Google TV might come along with other devices like Keyboards and Microphones.

If you are still looking for more alternatives, click here to know about top 10 Chromecast Alternatives.

The Last Words

Chromecast is an easy to use and simple device, which has enabled us to access and view our content in a more defined, exclusive and magnified fashion on the television screens. Although we have seen that there are other alternatives available but Chromecast is the most evolved device to stream content on TV. Any person can very conveniently understand that how does Chromecast work and begin to use it right away!

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