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Why VPN is your best bet to gain unhindered access to all type of streaming content?

It was bad news for Kodi lovers when they faced the closure of some Kodi repositories that robbed them much of the pleasure and options of enjoying video streaming. While Kodi is battling some tough times, there is good news for video streaming fans. They can make up much of the losses resulting from the clampdown on Kodi repositories by falling back on Stremio addons that allow them to access free content without any worries.

What’s good about Stremio?

Any avid lover of video streaming knows the worth of Stremio, which many consider as the successor to Kodi. Stremio operates along the lines of Kodi, but there is a marked difference between the two media streaming centers in that although Stremio uses addons like Kodi, these are safe from blocking. This has been possible because Stremio does not search for video streams across the internet but instead relies on streaming from Torrent websites, which are very difficult to block than repositories and add-ons.

Stremio legality

It will be wrong to look upon Stremio as an illegal entity just as it would be for many other media centers because the media centers are completely legal by default. No one will accuse you of violating the laws for using Stremio, but the problem arises from the use of third-party add-ons that trespass the law. The problem is the same that Kodi faced. The lure of add-ons is that it allows access to copyright content for free, which is indeed an illegal activity, and you must be careful in using add-ons to stay on the right side of the law.

Escape the long arm of the law

Whether you use Stremio or Popcorn Time or Kodi, the shadow of illegality will loom large if you use third-party add-ons, most of which could land you in legal trouble. Again, not using add-ons will rob you of the pleasure of unhindered viewing of video streams of all types of content. An easier way to keep enjoying video streams without caring for the law is to use free VPN for Popcorn Time.

Stay hidden from surveillance with VPN

Using a VPN service keeps your online presence concealed so that you can surf the web by escaping the attention of the authorities and anyone else who is curious about your online activities and viewing patterns. The VPN creates end-to-end encryption of all data exchanged across the platform so that it does not leave any trace of your online footprints, and nobody would ever know what you are doing online. This would help your ambitions of viewing all types of content, including restricted content without the concern about copyright infringement. Here is a good vpn review on BlinkList that you may look at while gaining access to streaming contents online.

Although it is good to start with free VPN to familiarize yourself with the services, you need to switch over to some paid subscription soon after. The free VPN has limited features in terms of speed, data usage, security, and privacy that proves detrimental in providing a satisfying viewing experience.

The limited number of servers for free VPN is also an impediment to all-around viewing satisfaction.

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