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Tips To Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

Have you ever wanted to have the freshness of the outdoors right inside your house with a wish that you could have more space along with it? People are always searching for effective ways to store more in their house while making their house look more spacious. Also, incorporating an outdoor kind of look inside your house can give your home a fresher appearance. It is difficult to find a balance between the two but it is not impossible. Most interior designers prefer to add the outdoor space to any property.

Let us start by the ways by which you can bring your outdoor looks indoors:

  • Try using exposed bricks

The best way to give your indoor space an outdoor feel is by using exposed brick walls. This look is very much trendy and a lot of modern homes are experimenting with this. You can try paring the wall with colourful patterned sofas and a mix of material curtains..

  • Pay attention to the little details

Never ignore the little details, they are the essence of any fantastic décor. These mainly include, the plants that give any home a feeling of freshness. You can try other outdoor materials instead of regular plants. Small grassy accessories can come handy and give your home a trendy and an edgy look.

  • Invent things

Plants aren’t just meant for mantelpieces and windowsills, get creative and find new ways to incorporate a little greenery into your home. You can be very inventive in decorating your house. Have you ever tried in-drawer plants? Instead of using vases everywhere, you can get the outdoor greenery inside your house by making use of some old drawers. This gives your house an innovative look and lets out the creativity in you.

  • Play with textures and materials

You can try using a wire-framed four poster-bed to give your room a modern outdoor edgy appearance. It gives a very elegant look because of its iron material and birdcage shape. You can use floral print beddings to give it a spring summery outlook.

  • Open space room dividers

Embrace the outdoor breezy feeling with an open space between rooms. Not only will this give your home a cool warehouse look, but it is the perfect opportunity to show off the beautiful fabrics as hanging dividers.

  • Go out of your way

Experiment with completely transforming your indoors into outdoors. You can use green colours wherever possible. Go for wooden floorings that will possibly give an outdoor look to your house. You can even opt for liquid floor screed, as they provide a quick and easy method for underfloor heating, and at the same time offer you an added level of security with respect to the durability of your flooring . This can give your home a unique outdoor look.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to have a spacious atmosphere with all the congested home décors. And irrespective of how fond you are of your interior design it can be difficult to get rid of it even if you want to because of the overall congestion. Here we provide some tips that can help soothe your worries and also allow you to bring the outdoors into your house:

  • Short of space? Not a problem

As more and more people continue living in apartments, creating extra space by using the space allocated for balconies and by using foldable furniture is considered a trend these days. But making use of all these modern techniques do not provide you with the relaxation and comfort you crave to give you that homely feeling. Instead of this you can create a flow of theme that you have used in your interiors onto your balcony or yard. An easy way to do this is by using the most robust and durable pieces having a similar tone as that of your interior furniture. This create a seamless flow between the two areas.

  • Add a subtle glow with classic styling

You can use little lights that look delicate for example, LED fairy lights. They add a warm glow and are amazingly versatile. Try opting for solar-powered lights if you need extensions to place the LED lights which can look ugly.

  • Let’s be practical

Having an unexpected guest over can cause seating problems. Especially if all the place is taken over by family members. In such situations you can always make use of some extra seating. Do not be in a hurry to buy garden furniture just for the sake of having extra seating. Experiment with bold deck chairs, hanging seats, large bean bags and even blankets. They will not only give your outside space a rustic feel but will create a myriad of colours stretching across your garden.

  • Try taking the traditional indoor items outside

Every living area needs a selective decorative accessory to accentuate your style. So why not try and style your outdoors the same way. You can always create a luxurious garden room even when on a budget. Use some cushions, candles and beautiful bowls and moreover you can always round up these items quickly when the weather turns nasty. If you want to opt for something more permanent, you can always choose all-weather art works.

  • Outside heating

Centralised heating is one of the most difficult thing to replicate in your outdoors. You can still have ways to keep yourself warm in the cool weather. Fire pits are an option that can be used outdoors to create centralised heating. You can make them classy by having fancy dinners with your friends and family. You can select from a variety of modern fire pits that are available to give your outdoors a classic modern touch.

  • Central focal point

If you have observed carefully enough, most of the houses have a central focal point around which the rest of the furniture is placed. For example, having a huge artworks place on the wall of your living room or having a large fireplace. This kind of implementation is easy to replicate in gardens/outdoors as well.

Sticking to the outdoors theme you can alsol install a green wall. Green walls are one of the most trending home decors. It is basically nothing but an entire outside wall covered with swathes or different plants. If you are on a budget and do not wish to spend on the entire wall, you can have smaller amount of plants affixed to the wall inside the frame. This will have the exact same effect as plants in a stunning vase.

  • Cover up

Do not let the summer end your dream of outdoor living. There are plenty of options available to have shelter from rains and from the sun. One of the options that you can use at your home is retractable awnings affixed to the outside wall of your house. Throughout the years, these canopies have come a long way and there are many modern ones that you can install. For a more permanent fixture, you can use a fixed roof canopy or a made-to-measure gazebo will do the similar job.

  • Finishing touches

The appropriate finishing touches are important and are much dependent on your personal references. If you have some extra space available, you can transform it into a garden or rooftops. You can even add your very own hot tub, pool or pond if you have extra space available. You can even experiment putting up a summerhouse with some shelter so that you can enjoy the outdoors with some shade or shelter from the breeze. Most importantly, make sure you keep an eye to the details and keep adding your personal touch to the spaces and experimenting with items.

  • Drape it all

If you are short of space you can always add some outdoor drapery panels to your balcony or yard. Adding curtains can create a shade and privacy, which makes your outdoor space looking more like a true outdoor living room.

  • Outdoor dinning

You can even make the use of your outdoor space for having dinners and brunches every once a while. If you have limited seating indoor and you have families coming over and many other guests, you can always arrange a dinner on the outdoors on a warm cosy day. You can decorate it will mild lights and some music for entertainment. It does not neceassirly have to be a party that you are hosting, it can even be Sunday breakfast with your family that you wish to enjoy on the outdoors.

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