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5 Best HR Performance Management Software

Performance management software with ADA accommodations is an essential tool for businesses and organizations to ensure fairness and inclusivity in the workplace. This software helps track and establish employee performance standards, while also providing managers with the ability to evaluate employees’ job performance according to these standards, with consideration for ADA accommodations.

Keeping track of employee performance

When selecting HR Performance Management software, please look out for the following key elements and functionalities:

  • Performance management
  • Goal tracking
  • Information sharing
  • Stack ranking
  • Electronic record-keeping
  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Real-time reporting
  • Performance rating
  • Application tracking
  • Scheduling and shift planning

What to look for when selecting HR performance management’s software

Other great features to look for when shopping for a performance management software includes its integration capabilities with other software’s through APIs or canned integration, its mobility such as being accessible over wide range of mobile platforms and ultimately its data security.

Here are some 5 HR performance management software that deserve that deserve mention:

  • Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready automates tedious tasks and makes them simple by providing common reporting, dashboard insights and robust workflows

Kronos Workforce Ready, is a human capital management suite that provides fully automated and scalable tools on a single unified cloud platform. According to Gartner, Kronos Workforce Ready commands about 3 % of the world’s ERP share market. Workforce ready enables you to manage your entire employee workforce by providing you with high quality information.

From a single intuitive interface, one can access full human capital management capabilities, information, data and analytics on recruitment, time tracking, payroll, onboarding and real time data across time and attendance.

Kronos Workforce Ready easily automates tedious tasks and makes them simple by providing common reporting, dashboard insights and robust workflows. Its system is highly customizable and one can tweak the reports and dashboards. Kronos Workforce Ready enables one to attract and retain high-performing employees, and manage their employment lifecycle.

It also has a great mobile tool for managers and employees in which time off can easily be requested by employees from the app and directly approved by the managers right from their mobile devices.

  • APS Online

APS Online is one of the few and best HR performance management software in the market that provide payroll and tax compliance services. It has a cloud-based solution for human capital management that helps automate review process from the appraisal through future skills development. APS Online provides a user-friendly touch throughout and has a sophisticated and highly configurable system capable of flagging potential gaps in performance within your organization. APS has combined its services in a streamlined manner capable of being scaled to fit various sized companies in a custom way. It provides flexible tools for handling time, attendance, payroll processing, absence management and HR management.

APS’s centralized database system provides instant access to employee information across all modules, immediately it’s fed into the system. This, in turn, helps reduce time-consuming payroll tasks by providing electronic audit trail for all data changes and in turn eliminates paperwork through its automated workflows.

By providing a robust and customizable reporting tools, APS is able to allow HR officials to focus on strategic activities. Managers and employees can access APS system from any smartphone or tablet and get business analytic insights. HR officials and managers can use CLockZonesTM to monitor and control wherever employees clock in and out.

  • Zenefits Z2

Zenefits Z2 is best-in-class human resource software management system that at one time shook up the HR tech world by offering a free cloud-based HR software that saw it make a kill in venture capital funding. It’s a simple, easy to use and effective human resource management system with an easy to use interface for both employees and managers. It places a lot of HR resources in one place and comes with a well-designed, intuitive user interface.

Zenefits Z2 integrates with well-known payroll processors, together with 27 partner integrations and includes an open third-party app development platform, a new HR App Directory, a new HR-as-a-Service and human resources administrators. Zenefits’ recent partnership with Checkr has seen customers have easy access to entire online background checking service spanning both locally and globally. All you need to do is gather a list of your potential hires, and order background checks on all of them directly from Zenefits’ dashboard.

  • Namely

Namely consolidates all HR and employee needs onto one platform and adopts well to your organization needs, change and evolvement

Namely is a single, comprehensive HR platform system that’s highly configurable and suited for mid-sized and growing organizations. It consolidates all HR and employee needs onto one platform and adopts well to your organization needs, change and evolvement.

Important HR services like employee database, full-service payroll provision, benefits delivery and talent delivery system are all incorporated in Namely. This helps your company deliver its offerings by taking complete care of employee healthcare provision and insurance. Also, it easily lets you manage onboarding, monitor existing employees and align goals.

In addition to the core features, Namely offers a ton of features such as employee profiles, personnel records such as CVs, calendar, directory and organization chart, onboarding, performance management and goals, task manager, time-off manager and newsfeed. Getting the help of a resume writing service could greatly increase the quality of the data you feed into the system (CVs, resumes and employee profiles).

All Namely users get to log onto same homepage that’s well organized and aesthetic pleasing.  On the left-hand side column, there is the “Springboard” that provides a detailed list of more functions. For a complete centralized HRIS platform with support for multi-location businesses, Namely is an excellent choice.

  • BambooHR

BambooHR is a human resource management software with a market share of about 7% and suitable for small and medium businesses. It has a smart, richly featured, intuitive and beautifully designed platform that is user friendly and way similar to a typical consumer website. One of its great features is its performance management and comes pre-packaged with lots of customizable functionalities and performance assessment tools that make employees review process simpler and smoother.

BambooHR is a great management software that will help keep all your business payroll, benefits, and employee information in one spot. It has a terrific reporting feature that’s very easy to learn and navigate, and its onboarding and off boarding task lists, combined with open API have completely changed the human resource management game. The off boarding task lists provides easy communication to members across the company who need to complete a task. It has an excellent audit tool to make sure everything gets completed.

The Applicant Tracking Software makes managers and employees’ life so much easier and communication to applicants even better. It allows one to stick to deadlines, keep everything in one place, and never misplace an applicant.  BambooHR delivers right balance of both functionality and ease of use, enabling you gain better results with less paper work and get to set your people free to do great work.


Performance management software are great tools designed to streamline human resource management. They are particularly important in evaluating employee performance by automating the tedious evaluation process in an organization. This, in turn, enables managers receive real-time insights about the employees and their organization and be able to give back feedback and easily and accurately make critical decisions. With so many options available to review and choose from, we came up with this guide to help you find the best fit for your organization.

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