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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


Data Theft and Other Threats to Small Businesses

Security threats to small businesses are almost entirely focused on two main types of activity: data theft and physical theft involving breaches of access. Both types are of equal seriousness, given that companies stand to lose large assets from either type of attack, and both should be regarded with equal caution.

Preparing for Attacks

There are a number of different ways that criminals might pose a threat to your business, so you’re going to want to prepare by getting information about improving your business security from the experts. Since precautions against data theft are usually handled by software and networking specialists that build encryption programs specifically suited to preventing data breaches, it’s not a bad idea to do some research into the latest data theft protection software and even contact a local distributor for advice.

Tried and True Security Systems

While fears related to cyber crime get a lot of attention in the media, small businesses should continue to take regular physical security just as seriously. There are many well-known preventative measures aimed at deterring criminal activity that occurs on location, such as perimeter fencing, security guards, surveillance cameras, and personnel management systems. Many of these have been in existence for years, but you might not be familiar with the newest technological advances that are changing the way security works.

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Security ID Card Systems

As security needs increase, the technological capabilities of security ID card printers become more elaborate and more expensive. Some additional features available for ID cards include high-quality colour laminate printing that runs all the way to the edge of a PVC card, and single- or double-sided printing.

Security ID cards offer small businesses a way to keep track of every person that’s granted access to their buildings and a database of this activity. Compared to other security options, security cards offer a high level of protection at an excellent value. Complete security ID card printer systems can be purchased for use in-house, to ensure the best in small business protection.

Data Theft

As opposed to physical criminal activity, data theft is a type of cyber crime occurs when hackers gain access to your computer system in order to steal sensitive information. When these incidents occur, they usually go unnoticed until problems associated with data theft arise at a much later time. This makes it difficult for authorities to identify the suspects responsible for such crimes, let alone prosecute.

Data theft attacks can be perpetrated against many kinds of victims, ranging from individuals on personal devices to large corporations who stand to lose large sums of funds or sensitive data that belongs to clients.

Since the style of threat are very different for each type of attack perpetrated against small companies, the approach to defense must will also different. That’s why it’s important that small businesses invest in both types of security. Assessing your particular vulnerabilities will depend on your particular type of business, but whatever commitment your make to preventative measures, you’ll want to be ahead of the game regarding every type of possible crime!

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