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Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

If you know your way around computers and around the internet, there’s really no excuse for not using Facebook ads to promote your small business. As intuitive as making a simple Facebook post, but with a few extra steps to make your reach more powerful, Facebook ads are the social marketing phenomenon of 2017. Around 95% of social media marketers reckon it’s the most efficient choice, and with nearly 2bn active monthly users you are really broadcasting to the world. What’s stopping you?

The added power comes from the way that you choose your audience. You pay more or less according to how many people see your advert, so it’s important to make sure that you are targeting as effectively as possible. You can narrow down by age, location, gender, and language, but the real action comes with selecting your audience’s interests. Facebook has an almost immeasurable database of people’s Likes and Faves, so selecting a few brands and activities that your potential customers are likely to already use is a great way of making yourself known to them.

The best Facebook ads revolve around an image or a video that is used to catch the attention of your audience. After all, our Facebook feeds are pretty busy places. So if it’s possible to create your own art, try to do so to a high standard, and then use the options to link through to your website or shop. You want to convert as many of those views into clicks as you possibly can.

This excellent new guide from Headway Capital runs through the whole process step-by-step. There are explanations for some of the newer features, and ideas on how to use them to your best advantage. It’s a great resource to help you get your first Facebook Ad up and running – before the competition leaves you behind!

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