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5 Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Strategy

Gazillion attention-seeking emails, competitive subject lines and marketing messages roil in the Inbox of your target audience, even in this age of social media. With more than one hundred and forty-four billion emails sent every day, email marketing still remains one of the key channels for business interaction. But, since everybody is following the same formula, it is important to separate your business from the noise. Coming up with a stand-out message is extremely vital to your bottom-line.

Take a look at the tried-and-tested email marketing strategies that you can utilize to get your emails clicked by your standard, as well as, new customers.

# Subject line of less 60-to-70 characters

When it comes to crafting that ideal subject line, there is one thing that nobody seems to disagree with – the length of the subject line must be less than or equivalent to sixty-to-seventy characters. A lot of marketers refer to this as the dead zone of the subject’s length.

A recently conducted survey of more than 900 million users concluded that a subject line of 70 characters is instrumental in engaging readers and tempting them to click through the content. On the other hand, subject lines of 49 characters or less tend to show an excellent open rate.

# Mobile-friendly emails

More than 47% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. So, you have to make sure that your email is designed responsively for it to open perfectly on mobile devices. For an easy mobile fix, you can convert your email to a single column template and increase the font size for better readability. To know about other design changes, you can click

# Avoid using the name of the recipients

There are extremely high levels of concerns regarding cyber security, such as identity theft, phishing and credit card fraud. As such, a lot of consumers have become suspicious about emails, especially the ones with their names. It is strongly advised that businesses steer clear from forcing familiarity with their target audiences and do not use the recipient’s name.

So, what can you do to personalize your emails? You can pay attention to the recipient’s individuality, such as demographic, purchase history and so on.

# Send emails at night

A lot of businesses make the mistake of sending emails during business hours, i.e., 9 to 5. But, reports suggest that this is not the ideal time for getting the best open rates. The prime time for sending emails to potential customers is between 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. This time is not only perfect for enhanced open rates, but also for click through’s and sales.

# Attempt to re-engage inactive groups

Even though your list of email recipients may be huge, the problem is that two-thirds may be inactive. Usually, businesses stop caring about the inactive recipients and that is a grave mistake. Instead of losing two-thirds of the entire list of email recipients, you need to make an effort for engaging those customers and come up with catchy re-engagement campaigns.

Keep the above things in mind when coming up with an email strategy, but as with everything, never stop experimenting.


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