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Three Ways FamilyTime Parental Control App Helps You Deal with Cyberbullying

According to Teen Safe, cyberbullying has increased since 2010. Around 34 percent students say that they have been cyberbullied and 87% say that they have witnessed it. It comes in different ways like harassing someone about their looks, race or religion. Sending harsh comments, spreading rumors or hurting someone because of their mental illness. It happens through social media, text messages, calls and anonymous postings.

Kids also tend to hide this kind of information or they don’t know what to do if something like this happens to them. Parents get to know it when things are already out of control. This is a major issue and children suffer from depression, lose confidence and have suicidal thoughts. Some kids have also committed suicide because of severe bullying.

It is important that parents know what kind of people their kids are in contact with, what social media networks they use and what do they do on the internet. It can happen with getting involved in their digital lives and monitoring their online activity regularly. If you catch it early, you can save your child from a lot of distress.

How can parents prevent cyberbullying?

One of the best and convenient ways is to use digital tools. FamilyTime parental app is one of them. It is an efficient and handy monitoring app that helps you fight cyberbullying and keep kids safe in the cyber world. Check out these three ways FamilyTime helps you detect and even block cyberbullying elements:

By monitoring text messages

By keeping a regular check on their SMS, you can detect hate speech, blackmailing, threats, sex solicitation and even contacts that are bullying your children. You get all the details of the contacts and time and date of the text messages. You can put suspected contacts on alert and know every time they contact your child. This comes in handy if your kid is hiding or afraid to share it with you.

By checking their browser history

Checking which sites they surf gives you an idea of what they do on the internet. Online chat rooms, game rooms, porn sites and social media sites are all the places that can subject your kid to cyberbullying. So if you find your kid chatting on an anonymous chat site or playing games online, you can have a talk with them and restrict such sites.

By blocking such mobile apps

Social apps like Kik, Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook and Twitter are notorious for cyberbullying. Other than that there are online gaming, chatting apps, and teen dating apps as well. You can easily block these apps with the FamilyTime app blocker and eliminate any chances of cyberbullying. As for social media, you can restrict all the anonymous apps and limit your child to only one social media network. This way you can keep a close eye on one network.

FamilyTime parental control app has all these bullying preventive measures and that is not all. You can do much more than that like location monitoring, screen time control, and drive safety. This is definitely the app that you need to keep your kids safe online and offline.

Digitally fight the causes of cyberbullying

All you can do for your kids is be there for them. One way to be there is by being present in their digital lives and protecting them from big dangers like cyberbullying. It can really leave them traumatized and affect the rest of their lives. If you find them experiencing such a thing, treat them with love and affection. Talk to their teachers and friends. Now you can even report it to safety authorities. So, protect your kids in every way possible. Fight against it by being together and digitally smart.

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