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Popular Mistakes In E-Mail Signatures

  • Above, there is a common mistake mentioned of including your email address in the signature. According to statistics, 39% of people have done it at least once.
  • Some people also add a fax number. In the 21st century, there is no need for that. Better use the space for other information.
  • When it comes to promotions in there, be sure to be creative as well. The general idea behind having an e-mail signature is to single out in a good light. If you have a catchy advertisement line, try to make it fit there even at the cost of some space. And most of the signatures are crawling with dull promotions.
  • Although it’s been mentioned, it won’t hurt to say again. Don’t enlist too many social media links. If you have too many of them, the person reading is sure to click none of them at all.
  • Do not copy/paste an image into your signature. Doing so shall make this image appear as an attachment instead of an embedded one like in a good signature.
  • If you include your phone number (and you should) don’t forget to add your country’s code to it.
  • Once you add links to your profiles or websites, be sure to add them as hyperlinks. Thus, they occupy less space and look neat.
  • Don’t use too many different fonts and colors in a single email signature.
  • And finally, test the looks of your email signature via different mailing services.

Good examples of email signature

As a rule, a good signature embeds comprehensive information, not excessive color and font palette, uses hierarchy to appeal to an eye (means you have a relatively large text as your headline with the of each new headline below decreasing), simple graphic elements, has each piece of the text and image aligned, and is easy to read on mobile devices as well.

Bad examples of email signature

Comes out of the text above. Every signature without proper management of elements, poor choice of colors, contents, etc. can be considered as a bad example. This said, there are also cases of users mindlessly copying some other signature and the general mistakes that come along, which can be even harder to fix. There are also cases of using Word for making an email signature and then copy-pasting it into Outlook. Word is a word processor, not a design tool – hence the name. It is limited in its functionality and wasn’t created for such job. Copying an email signature carries needless parts of the code with it.

In order to avoid everything said above, use services such as ZippySig that can make you enjoy both the process of creating your own email signature and the result as well.

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