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Kitchen Gadgetry of the Future

Okay, so the Jetsons-like future might not be right around the corner, but we’ve moved a long way from the typical 90’s kitchen which was considered modern only 2 decades ago! Sure, some people prefer their kitchen to be traditional, and this is still a common thing, but gadget nerds that are also cooking enthusiasts will never be able to say no to these devices!


When it comes to replenishing your supplies, the GeniCan can be of huge help. Have you ever forgotten to put a shopping item onto your list? We don’t even have to ask, right? Well, GeniCan sits with your garbage can and makes sure that you never forget about the groceries you need. This neat gadget works by scanning the barcode of the item(s) you throw away and sends it to the list on the GeniCan app on your phone! If there is no barcode available on an item you threw away, you can hold it in front of this neat device and it will ask you what it can add to your list.

Samsung Smart Fridge

Smart, smart, smart, everything is turning “smart” nowadays. From smartphones to smart TVs, we’re starting to get comfortable with the progressive technology that surrounds us. Well, refrigerators are no exception either. Okay, so, it’s not as if this fridge can order your food online based on the stock levels of your supplies, but it’s the next best thing – it comes with an 8-inch LCD display and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Smart Fridge from Samsung includes many options, such as memos, calendars, internet radio, smart TV playback and even smartphone mirroring. Not bad, huh?

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

Okay, so a smart oven is also not a real thing yet, but a separate cooker may well satisfy these needs. So, you’re coming home from work tired but, above all, starving! You don’t want to have to prepare your meal, or order unhealthy takeaway just because you simply can’t wait. Well, the smart Crock-Pot enables you to adjust cooking settings and turn it off or on from wherever you are, by using your very own smartphone. Ideal for unfortunate situations when your stove is broken, you can use the Crock-Pot to prepare a healthy meal.

Egg Minder

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” and “Is this egg good?” are the two most popular question in the world of eggs. While the debate over the former question is still very much alive, the answer to the latter is already here. Well, it’s not as if one could really pop an egg open at the grocery store to check, and we are often disappointed to find out that an egg has gone bad only after we purchase it. Instead of finding out the hard way, you can get the Egg Minder, which can tell you how old your eggs are. This gadget comes with a mobile app, which will even send you a notification when your egg supply starts running low! And when it comes to choosing the best egg cooker AEG appliances is always a good choice.

AwoX StriimLIGHT

This may sound weird, but using a single gadget for both your lighting and music is a very cool thing. The AwoX StriimLIGHT is an energy-efficient LED bulb (which not only spend less energy, but also provides better lighting and pays off in the long run) that comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The best part here is that you can seamlessly screw it into any traditional light fixture!

These high-tech gadgets are windows into the world of futuristic kitchens! Somewhat cheap and easy to find, they offer a ton of help for your daily kitchen needs!

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