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Are Free Antivirus Programs Really Worth?

Whenever it’s between free antivirus and premium ones, there’s confusion! People don’t really are sure whether it’s worthy to pay for a security suite. Quite ironically, they are pretty sure about the need of top-class security in today’s environment. Despite all such extra-layer-protection thing, it makes sense to use a free antivirus suite. After all, think of a situation when you don’t have enough money to purchase a premium antivirus suite – which is still reasonable. In that case, free antivirus becomes a blessing for those users. The scene is much better if you pick the free antivirus program from a trusted developer like Bitdefender or Norton.

Still, you might be wondering whether a free antivirus program is really worthy. You’ll be doubtful on its capability as it comes to the case of detecting and removing viruses and other threats. To help you deal with the confusion, we’ve come up with this article. Here, we will discuss the different aspects of having a free antivirus suite in your device. In that way, we can see how much difference an antivirus suite makes in your device.

Free Antivirus Programs – an Overview

You do know pretty much about free antivirus programs around. In most cases, free antivirus programs are used as a kind of introduction for actual antivirus suite. If you look closely, you can see that most antivirus developers do offer a free version. This particular version would be limited in terms of features and detection capabilities. Despite all the things of conscious security, free antivirus programs can get the job of cleaning done. Obviously, they will be coming with the same virus database of the actual programs – because developers have now started to depend upon cloud-based scanning algorithms instead of locally-stored ones. Therefore, although limited, free antivirus products may be offering somewhat-standard protection from commonly-known threats. Talking of the availability, free programs are available from almost all developers, including Bitdefender, Avira, AVG, Kaspersky, Avast, Panda Security etc. There were even some brands that became popular by providing free antivirus products only, at the starting. Avast is major example we will go for.

The Advantages of Having It

Obviously, there are many advantages of using a free antivirus software in your device. It needs to be noted that we are comparing the situation with a no-antivirus-installed scenario. The foremost advantage of a free antivirus is that you are getting some kind of protection from threats. Of course, we understand the fact that you may not be having options for anti-spam protection or phishing protection.

Despite all that, you are protected from common issues like viruses, spyware, adware and other types of standard malware. By the way, if you select wisely, you will come across free antivirus software that provide a bunch of features. For instance, we have seen Bitdefender Free Antivirus to be providing standard options such as its B-Have Algorithm and others. So, it’s more about the selection as well.

Once again, free antivirus programs are a great way to test an antivirus! Suppose you want to purchase an antivirus suite, but you don’t know much about it. In such cases, you can try out the basic protection line for free. If you are to be impressed by the performance, you can just go for the paid version. We hope that does make sense for most of us.  When you shift from free antivirus, you won’t lose a bit of money. And, that’s a big advantage too.

Summing It Up

Now that we have discussed the different aspects of having a fine free antivirus in your PC, we can come to a verdict on that matter. When compared to the situation of having no antivirus installed in device, free antivirus is indeed an awesome option. At the least, you won’t be threatened by common malware such as viruses and spyware. And, as it has been said, it’s also about the selection of right antivirus suite.

Having said these, you should revise options according to your usage schedule. If you are planning to go a bit more dangerous into scene, you should re-think. For instance, you may be into downloading various stuffs from not-so-trusted sources. In that case, it becomes pertinent that you should get a premium antivirus suite. The notable ones include Bitdefender Family Pack, Norton Security Premium etc. With these packages, you get both offline and online safety for your devices and data. So, there’s no question about worthiness of free antivirus, but your discretion is an important thing.

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