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7 Innovative Ways Drones Have Changed the World!

Drones have a bit of a bad rep for its connection with espionage and war-ridden cities. But that’s an entirely a different story. Here we will talk about the use of drones in the modern-day world.

Today, Amazon is using drones for product delivery. However, its use is not restricted only to online marketplace as it is revolutionizing several industries, including journalism and building.

Without further ado, let us share with you some of the incredible ways that drones will change the lives of individuals for the better.

1. Package Delivery

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a CNN interview that most of the orders weigh less than 5 pounds. That is just enough weight for a drone to deliver to your home.

Amazon is now testing autonomous aircraft that can also deliver books and a pair of shoes within 30 minutes of one’s order. No longer do you have to wait for the delivery boy for your order as a drone will serve your products in a timely manner.

2. Putting Out Wildfires

Forest fires are unpredictable which makes putting them out even more challenging and that is what makes them so dangerous. When the thick plumes of a smoke go up, it makes communication with people on the ground painfully hard. However,the services of drones are rendered to tackle this challenging scenario.

Today, drones can collect and send real-time information about the wind conditions up close. They can even snuff out the flames by themselves with the proper equipment that they carry.

3. Streamlining the Humanitarian Aid

It is catastrophic for the 2.1 billion people who are living without access to essential medicines. The reason stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that those people live in hard-to-reach places.

This is why Zipline, a drone maker in California, had signed a deal with the Rwandan government last February to deliver medical supplies in the remote areas of Rwanda to reduce the issue of medicine supply in the area.

4. Making Agriculture More Efficient

It is the job of every farmer to ensure that their crops are sound and healthy. While they can survey the fields using piloted aircraft or satellite, it is a rather expensive option.

On the other hand, agricultural drones are made to fly low, stream videos, take pictures, and also collect soil and water samples. There is also the concept of serving as precision crop-dusters which could change the game, especially for high-value crops.

5. Providing Quick Medical Aid

The 911 responses are usually quick.However, there are types of medical emergencies that require treatment within 10 minutes before the ambulance can reach the scene and this is the service that an ambulance droneserves.

Drone ambulance is recently-discovered idea that is designed to zoom to the emergency call with help of global positioning system (GPS).It is loaded with EMS-standard supplies such as a defibrillator as well ascomes equipped with a microphone and some speakers.On the other end, a medical professional providessimple instructionsto revive or stabilize a patient.

6. Simplifying the Construction Business

It is no secret that architect engineering is a seriously risky business that requires plenty of money andtime. Therefore, engineers are designing various ways to bestow some of the tasks on drones, since they have already proven themselves worthy of making mini pedestrian suspension bridges.

7. Providing Internet Access To Remote Areas

If you think that the world already has access to the internet, we hate to bring you the bad news. It is said that over 4 billion, which is more than half of the world’s population, does not have access to the internet. About 1.6 billion people live in highly remote locations that are incapable of any mobile broadband.

Google has thus, planned to rectify the problem by relayinginternet signals through a network of giant, high-altitude balloons. However, the company is also in the process of using drones as a solution. It means that people isolated from the rest of urban civilization can get connected with the rest of the world.


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