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The Top Trends in Software Development for 2016

To stay competitive in the world of technology, you need to keep on top of the changes in the software industry. There are several changes and trends by mobile app developers from in development software for 2016 that you need to be aware of.

High Demand for Mobile Sensor Apps

Mobile sensor apps are growing in demand thanks to product launches such as Apple Watch or Dr. Watson from IBM.  There’s a need for specialized apps due to the large volumes of data being produced and the tools created need to visualize this data. Mobile health sensors are the main reason for this as there needs to be a way to provide precise health condition analysis. There will be plenty of job opportunities in this field.

Java May No Longer be a Main Coding Language

You may need to know more than Java to get a developer job in coding. You need more skills because new technology is being developed. It’s still a good idea to have Java skills, but it’s not going to land you every job you apply for.

Cloud Computing

The era of big data is now and cloud computing is only going to grow in the future. Many companies are now adopting cloud computing for their data needs in 2016 and beyond. The trends in software are in the cloud so you need to have experience with cloud computing to land a job.


One of the main software development trends in 2016 is Spark. This may change the IT industry completely. If you want to get a job, then you need to understand Spark. You need to treat Spark seriously and work to understand it or your skills will no longer be feasible and in demand without it.

Doing Things Via Mobile in Real-Time

Mobile continue to dominate and we are changing the way we do things rapidly. We will be doing more business via mobile and this trend will continue. You need to be ready for this sort of development as mobile transforms everything we do.

Will We Overcome ETL Issues?

In today’s world, we spend 80% of time, money and other process on ETL processes. You need to gather raw data, transform that data and then load this into your database so the app can process it. Current software development trends show that we can’t handle big data in an

Self-Servicing is Essential with Big Data

In the world of bid data, we need self-service as this is the only way the cloud-based infrastructure can work. When we have regulations and bureaucracy, productivity will drop. Developers need to adopt a policy of being honest, good will, and doing things that are right. W cannot have service limitation or people will move to a similar product without such restrictions.

Container Farms and Big Data Management Tools

By the time, we reach the end of 2016, reliable management tools will be appearing and container farms may be a reality. Current software development trends are following the fact that companies are now outsourcing parts of their project, getting revisions quickly and getting the finished product in a short time with fewer expenses than in-house development. If we can pack it into containers and unify the tools, then the app can be cross platform and multipurpose which opens limitless possibilities.

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